Twitter Accounts for Small Business

Having a Twitter account used to be a novelty idea for celebrities and politicians to reach out to fans. These days regular tweeting is a good sign to customers that a business is updated within the industry and the community.

Having a Twitter account for business can be a way to reach out to your customer base on a regular basis. By doing so you can generate buzz on the internet and attract more versatile audiences.

What Should My Business Tweet?

When using your business Twitter account you want to keep the tweets relevant to your industry but also interesting to the most people. Some of the things you can tweet about for your business are:

  • Events happening at your store
  • Sale events
  • Industry news
  • Interesting facts about your industry
  • Industry FAQ
  • Business news

Industry hot topics are an important part of tweeting. You have to know what people in your industry are talking about and then weigh in on the conversation. Even re-tweeting popular posts can be helpful for your business because it loops you in with others in your industry.

Managing Your Business Twitter Account

The most important part of having a Twitter account is to stay on top of it. Make sure you are tweeting on a regular basis and that those tweets are interesting for your followers.

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