Use White Label SEO to Build a Bigger and Stronger Client Base

Have you ever been to Trader Joe’s?


This US store stocks upscale food at down-to-earth prices; and for a multi-million dollar chain, they have a very friendly and laid-back atmosphere. A combination that is tough to beat.


Trader Joe’s is one of the best examples of how white label strategy can propel a business to great heights.


Most of what TJ’s sells are white label or private label products, sourced from others but branded and sold as their own. Seth Godin talks about this in his usual inimitable style: “Trader’s finds foods for its customers, NOT customers for its foods.”


White label is also known as private label. It is a business model that can work brilliantly for any individual or business who would like to scale up their service offering for their existing customers, without having to worry about extra overheads for the new service.


White Label SEO Services


White label SEO reselling is a program that allows you to white label an expert SEO’s services and then sell them to your clients. You leverage your existing relationship with the client, offer them SEO services under your logo and leave the actual work to us. We handle all aspects of the work from providing quotes, getting results and generating monthly reports.


How does this benefit you?

1)      You are able to offer an umbrella of services which positions you as the go-to person for anything, thereby strengthening your existing relationship with the client.

2)      You also profit from the mark-up of the services which we offer you at a low cost.


Are You the Right Person to Offer White Label SEO Services?


You could be an ideal private label SEO reseller if you want to offer top-notch search engine optimization services to your clients, but do not want to commit full time resources, or expensive hardware and software for that purpose.


If you are any of the following, you may have access to a number of clients who will be interested in optimizing their websites.

  • Web design company
  • Digital marketing firm
  • PR agency
  • Hosting company
  • Online business consultant
  • Marketing consultant
  • Any individual with access to an existing client base who have (or should have) an online presence.


Private Label SEO providers are able to offer superior service at a low cost purely by economies of scale. You can then pass this cost benefit on to your customer, so they get a better service and price than they would from any independent SEO.


Just as Trader Joe’s customers never know where they source their products from, your clients never come to know that there is an intermediary who is providing the actual SEO services.


Everyone is happy with this arrangement. Your clients are happy because they get an improved online presence at a good price, you are happy because you are able to offer more services and get more profit from an existing client base, and we are happy because we get more business from you.


Think about it. With a bit of creative packaging, you could perhaps be the next Trader Joe’s when it comes to private label SEO.



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