Vanity Marketing: Why You Do it and How to Stop

We've all been there before. "If only I had 20,000 more organic sessions a month," "if I had 2,000 followers on Twitter my business would take off," or "if only we posted more on Facebook."  These stats look great in isolation, but when it comes to the bottom line, what would these stats really do for your business?

With the number of ways to collect data on our businesses growing, so do our desires to increase theses metrics. After all, more is always better. Right?

2016-08-19_08-30-12Let me tell you a few reasons why you may want to improve for the sake of progress:

  1. You saw a technique on a blog/webinar somewhere and expect the same kind of results for your business
  2. You think the lack of social engagement, content generation, sessions, etc. is the reason behind the lack of your success
  3. Your top competitors are performing well in these areas

The list goes on and no one can really know what drives another person but these are some things I've seen in my digital marketing career.

So now that I've beaten you up, how do you make these metrics work for the bottom line? Back to the drawing board my friend.


Hopefully somewhere along the line you've crafted a business plan or at the very least know the goal(s) your business exists to accomplish (if not, stop reading and go do that now).

Once you identify what need your business serves to fill, you can find out what your target market is. From there you should be able to analyze and discover where they spend their time.

Now here is where the gold lay: Now you can make a marketing plan to get in front of them and convert them!

That's when all of these metrics start to make sense. Let me break it down for you from a music business standpoint:

  1. A music business exists to give people new music.
  2. People looking for new music hangout on Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Facebook and maybe Instagram. Let's just pick one: Facebook
  3. In order to get in front of people on Facebook you need followers to share my content and to promote my content
  4. In order to get followers you need to have people listen to your music.
  5. To get them to listen, you need to post ads and share posts about it from your Facebook page. Ads are easy so we won't discuss them
  6. When I share a post it will only reach 30% of my audience at best so I need at least three posts a day promoting my music

Do you see how three posts a day isn't a vanity stat since it supports your overall goal and my overall goal supports the number of posts you need to make?

Do you see how you are only pursuing activity where your target market spends time?

So there it is, friends. Start from your goal and work to actionable tasks. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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