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Every pet owner will visit a veterinarian at some point in their cat or dog's life. It this could be for dental treatment or simply for an annual check; either way, they're looking for good veterinary care they can depend on for all of their pet's needs.

They'll spend a lot of time trying to find the best veterinary practice for their dog or cat. They want to search for someone with experience and qualifications, as well as somebody that they can trust to look after their furry friend. Of course, you want this to be you. It can be; but you've got to invest in veterinary SEO.

We'r going to introduce you to veterinary SEO and how this can help your business. We'll also demonstrate how 51Blocks can help you with search engine optimization on a monthly basis.

What is Veterinary SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It's a marketing technique that is used by veterinary websites to attract clients. But it can help with every business; you've just got to know how to adapt it to suit yours. In particular, veterinary SEO is about making a practice rank higher on search engines, allowing pet owners to find their services. Search engines have their own language and SEO is how you can communicate and make sure that you're seen online.

Ask yourself one question; are you on the first page of Google? If the answer is no, then it's time to use veterinary SEO. This is going to get you there. Even if you're in the top ranking, you want to stay there. Again, this requires investing time and effort in SEO and veterinary marketing so that your business remains a top player.

SEO comes in a variety of forms. In other words, there are different techniques that veterinary websites can use to be seen by pet owners. For example, using keywords for authority on a subject, creating quality blog content for users to read and regular advertising to keep your brand in the spotlight.

SEO can get complicated and it becomes a full-time job. There's a lot of research required, as well as time and effort. That's the reason why a veterinary practice often works with veterinary marketing companies. It's easy and rewarding, letting everybody focus on their main duties.

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What are the Benefits of Veterinary SEO?

Businesses in every industry can reap the rewards of local SEO if they put in the time and effort. Of course, this means that your veterinary company can too. Let's take a look at some of the benefits.

Stand Out from the Competition

The first place pet owners go to find a local business is Google or another popular search engine. There's a lot of competition online when it comes to veterinary services. Even in your local area, you may know your competitors. This means that vet marketing is more important now than ever before.

Local SEO is going to make you visible online and improve your rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can appear high up on the listing, which makes clients more likely to visit your website. You can become the authority online and the number one practice in your area.

Improves User Experience

When you spend time investing in SEO, it's not just your company that benefits. Pet owners do too. They can enjoy a better user experience on your website. The information will be relevant to their needs and there's regular, quality content to enjoy.

After all, SEO is all about the user. Search engines use this as a way to feed them relevant and useful information. So, when you buy into this system, you can help them too. In return, they'll use your company when their pet has a problem.

Markets Your Specialized Skills

Do you specialize in certain veterinary services? This is what's going to attract clients to your practice. But they need to know about it. SEO is the best way to get the word out and attract pet owners looking for specific treatment or skills.

Local SEO is going to make sure that pet owners know what services you offer. Advertising them online will show your credentials and make clients more likely to visit your practice when they have a problem. You can build brand awareness and show what makes you different from all the other veterinary practices out there.

It Is a Long Term Strategy

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The great thing about SEO is that it's a long term marketing strategy. A lot of companies look for campaigns they can run short-term and that gain results fast. While this often works, it only lasts for a short amount of time. They soon realize that they need a long term strategy to continue seeing results and growing their business.

But the good thing about search engine optimization is that it's a long-term strategy that pays off. Often, it builds momentum over time and this allows for your business to continue to grow and gain popularity. You don't just see results next week. You can also see progress made next year if you continue to use SEO to your advantage every month.

Just remember that Google's algorithm can change now and again. Choosing a professional marketing company can ensure that SEO is updated and stays in line with any updates. At 51Blocks, we always make sure that the strategy for our clients follows the latest algorithm changes. This ensures the best results from SEO.

Increases Your Social Media Following

It's often hard for a veterinary practice to gain a good social media following. But working on your SEO can improve your followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Since more people are clicking on your website with your improved search engine listings, they'll eventually check out your social media too.

Social media is good to use for marketing too. You can advertise any services you offer to keep clients engaged, as well as any competitions you have. Even simply posting daily quotations or updates is a good way to ensure that pet owners remember the services you offer and how they can benefit from visiting your practice.

How Much Should You Invest in Marketing?

When companies decide they want to improve your marketing strategy, the first question they ask is; how much should I use from my budget for SEO? Of course, the answer to this question is going to be different depending on a few factors. For example, it can vary depending on if you're a new business or an established one. If you're just emerging in your local area, you may choose to spend more on digital marketing on the internet.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest spending around two percent of turnover on marketing. Again, this can increase if you are completely revamping your website or looking to make big changes. But this can be a good starting point for your new strategy. You won't notice it yet it'll create results for you.

Often, it's not about spending the most money; it's about having a SEO and marketing strategy that works for your veterinary practice. At 51Blocks, we specialize in veterinary SEO and we can help you optimize your website. We offer an affordable service that works; that's the difference. You don't have to spend a fortune to get ahead of the competition. You just have to partner with a marketing company like us that knows what to do. It's simple.

Why Choose 51Blocks for SEO?

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At 51Blocks, we have years of experience and the expertise to ensure your veterinary clinic stands out on search engines. We know it's an ongoing process and every month, we work on keyword research for your content and on-page optimization. We work on content creation for you so that you can focus on your day-to-day business, as well as work on link building to other authority websites. We know what search engines and customers want to see and we do it all for you.

When you phone us to find out more about our SEO services, we can complete a SEO audit on your website. We can then advise you on a conversion-orientated strategy to boost your rankings each month. Do you want to find out more about our services? Phone our friendly team today!