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Wordpress Hosting – Speed, Speed, Speed

Site speed is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. It affects every metric that an SEO conscious business should care about: Sessions, Bounce Rate, Rankings, Page Views, Conversions.  Both search engines and visitors have little patients when waiting for a page to load. Even a decrease in site speed of half a second can can catastrophic results.

When we build & host your website its all about Google Page Speed results. Site speed is a huge point of optimization for us. You can see below one of our sites load time. Yes, that is 382 milliseconds. Most servers first time to byte is that long. How do I know? I tested 42 different platforms before I found our solutions. We have plenty of other sites that load very quickly if you need more examples.

We specialize in speed and redevelop websites on a super streamlined (light weight) theme, and leverage some beneficial plugins. We offer secure web hosting. Optimizing a site is something that can take a lot of work to get dialed in so it is important to look at several elements of the website to determine where the issues lay.

Wordpress Hosting Pricing

On smaller sites, we do a complete rebuild if they are currently on WordPress and want the same look and feel.  This is only done if you are hosting with us,  as there are a number of server settings that need to be adjusted to make these websites fly.

Why should I host my site with 51Blocks?
Many Wordpres hosts only provide the minimum. For your site we keep SEO top of mind and make sure your site is running quickly and stays secure by install a SSL which is included in the monthly price.

What are site changes?
Site changes can include the creation of new pages, optimization of existing pages, updates to page and other fixes to your site.

Do you scan for malware daily?
Yes! We scan daily for malware so you don’t have to worry about monitoring the safety or security of your website.

What is your up-time guarantee?
We provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee. We’ll monitor your site every 5 minutes, every day
to make sure it is up and running.

Will I have access to the backend of my website?
Yes! You will have access to cPanel and your WordPress admin panel.

Do you provide a backup solution?
Yes! We create daily offsite backups using Amazon’s S3 storage platform for our WordPress customers for 90 day!
Yup, entire 90 days of backups!

Are there any contracts?
Nope! While we hope you’ll stay with us for a long time, there are no contracts or minimum lengths of service. You can cancel your WordPress maintenance plan at any time.

Will you purchase my hosting clients?
Yes! We are always looking to purchase WordPress hosting accounts. We will handle transferring all of the accounts and billing to our system.

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