What is an Internal Link?

Internal links are pathways built into your website framework, as well as precise points within a page that lead to another place on the same page or to a different page within your domain (website). If a visitor is navigating from destination to another within your domain, the pathway that visitor takes is considered an internal link. The links that were created during the development stage of your website ensure that your website is user-friendly and, ideally, easily accessible to search engines. Another type of internal link is one that you can create inside of your content pages. These types of links allow a user to navigate from one place or page to the next by simply clicking the link, which generally displays the word or words that make up the link in the color blue.

Why are Internal Links Important for SEO?

To ensure that your website’s pages can be found, logged and ranked by search engines, internal links will need to be designed and built into the website by your website’s developers. These internal links can be a series of hierarchical tabs or categories and subcategories that allow for smooth transition from one page to the next. If there is a clear path that a search engine can follow as it evaluates your website, you will have better chance of the bulk of your pages being ranked. It’s important to understand that after around 150 links the search engine will cease its logging process, so the remaining pages in that string will not be reviewed and, thus, not ranked in search results.

Why Should Internal Links Be Included Within Content?

The visitors to your website will undoubtedly appreciate the ease of maneuverability from the internal links that take the form of navigation tabs and clickable category titles, which allow for user-friendly site exploration. However, if your visitor reaches a page of your website from another source, you’ll want to keep that visitor on your website as long as possible. Internal links help you accomplish this task by highlighting in blue a specific term or phrase that lets the visitor know that the link can be clicked to access other related content on the same page or on another page within your website.

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