What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital MarketingFailing to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon spells trouble for start-ups and long-standing companies alike. If your company has been left in the dust due to an outdated one-outlet traditional marketing strategy, it’s time to spring forward into the future. Digital marketing provides a company with the opportunity to connect on a more meaningful level with a wider audience of potential leads that were previously inaccessible with traditional forms of marketing. However, many businesses do not understand the term “digital marketing,” or the many digital tools available to today’s companies.  

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that includes any type of marketing which is conducted online or electronically with the aim of creating a company brand and/or to offer products or services. Several examples of digital marketing tools are company websites, social media channels, email marketing, video and Text/IM marketing.

After reading the above definition, you may say to yourself that your company does in fact engage in digital marketing through its social media accounts by writing posts, creating tweets, uploading images, and running PPC campaigns. However, while social media marketing is a crucial component in digital marketing, there are other effective components that should also be employed, such as search engine marketing (SEM) and email marketing. Companies that dabble in one digital marketing tool while ignoring other proven strategies are at a grave disadvantage when compared to its digital marketing savvy competitors. If your company has not outlined a complete digital marketing plan that incorporates other digital outlets, it’s time to create a point-by-point strategy with a focused approach on how to effectively utilize the digital and online world to increase profit and growth.

To begin the process of developing a digital marketing plan, here is a simplified breakdown of how you can get started:

  • Analyze the success and failure of any digital marketing your company has dabbled in,
  • Identify and analyze your target audience and how to best reach them,
  • Explore every digital marketing outlet for its possible benefits to your company,
  • Set a digital marketing budget and earmark a certain percentage to each of the marketing categories
  • Assign personnel to implement the plan or outsource digital marketing services from the experts of 51Blocks
  • Establish reasonable timelines for goals and return of marketing efforts
  • Analyze and re-analyze the effectiveness of the plan and adjust as necessary
  • Review your company website for brand consistency and optimization based on SEO best practices

If your company does not have a digital marketing strategy, contact us today and allow the 51Blocks team to create a successful and effective plan that puts you ahead of your competitors.

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