What to Know About the Newest Google Update

Google is always rolling out or testing another Google update to make things better for website owners and businesses. Have they perfected their newest update enough to allow it to roll out to business owners yet? Read on to learn the ups and downs of this new Google update made specifically for business owners.


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What’s Service Area Business’ New Features?

Many of you might be wondering: what are the new features in the Service Area Business? This new Google update means that business owners have two spots to fill in their addresses, which are their service area address and business address. Of course, in the new update, each business owner has the option of using their business address, service area, or both.  


Having two different spots for your address also means that the radius set around your business in the Google My Business will no longer be used. Instead, website owners have to set a region, city, or ZIP code as their service area.


After this Google update, Google might remove your address from the dashboard. If you see that Google has removed your address from the dashboard, don’t worry about it too much. Adding your address again will only enforce a re-verification process by mailing you a postcard.


If you have decided not to use this new Google update, then you can’t ignore it forever. Why is this? Well, if you don’t update, your previous radius service area will automatically translate into cities or ZIP codes on its own. At least when you manually update them yourself, you get to pick the areas that are essential to your business needs.  

Does The New Update Work?

Since this new Google update just recently rolled-out, it could take some time to reveal if this feature works properly or not. Some businesses are already experiencing difficulty with this new feature. For some, the location of their service area does not match what’s posted on the Google My Business dashboard. Instead, their service area has no address but only a city listed. So far, the only update this new feature did for this business owner was to the service area map.


The map portrayed the correct service area on the Google My Business. However, this could confuse some consumers who are looking at this business owner’s information. The map says one city, while the other service area is in a whole other city. If this is happening to other business owners, does this mean the new Google update is working properly? Or will it just take more time for the new feature to correct itself and update properly?

Why is the New Update Important for You?

This new Google update to Service Area Business seems to be confusing some business owners on what or how to write their service area address. For instance, if you select a huge city like Chicago as your service area, many business owners are baffled by which parts of Chicago is actually included. All of it or only major parts of Chicago? Some website owners have used many ZIP codes to ensure they didn’t leave any of their current clients out of their service area.


However, Google has updated the Service Area Business because they’re trying to rank local Service Area Businesses outside of their local areas. This means business owners can list more than one service area and still rank them all equally. Google is trying to help business’ local SAB from this new update. However, some work might be needed before it’s effective enough to see some progress. It’s still a new feature of Google, but it’s possible it will grow in popularity once these website owners see some improvement.


However, brick & mortar businesses like restaurants and bakeries are not part of the business owners who will benefit from this Google update.

Can 51Blocks Help with Your Local SEO?

After reading the benefits this new Google update might do for your business, do you think your business website might need an SEO professional? 51Blocks is a professional marketing agency that specializes in getting overall web visibility to your website. All this talk about Google trying to help business owner’s rank might get you pumped up to get some more outside help for your business.


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With 51Blocks’ help in Local SEO, you get to skip to the first page on Google’s search results. 51Blocks will help optimize your business website to boost your search results, which will help your overall web visibility.


This new Google update might have some technical difficulties so far, but the results are indecisive. This could be the next great tool to bring in more traffic to your business. Google is always updating new features, so keep yourself updated on other new features that could affect your business. The professionals at 51Blocks can help your website stay relevant to all the Google updates that are always changing. If you feel overwhelmed, 51Blocks has the expertise to build traffic to your business website. Check 51Blocks' website to see if they’re the right fit for your business. To learn more about what 51Blocks has to offer, please contact us today.

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