What will you be doing in 2016?

2015-12-04_15-32-39Next week, John, Reggie, and I will be chatting with you about what we think the most impactful SEM strategies will be in 2016. This has got me thinking about what my answer will be. And we’ve all heard it before.

Content is king, right? But is the way you’re generating content giving it it’s rightful supremacy? People go to the web for information, so SEOs will always need to make sure they’re providing useful, relevant information. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. There are hundreds (perhaps millions, or BILLIONS) of content pieces created every few seconds, so why should searchers select yours?

Here’s what I think will be important in terms of content strategy in 2016.

Interactive: People WANT a conversation. Marketing is now a two way street. We’ve moved away from in-your-face advertising. Take users and buyers on a content journey that travels through many mediums, not just one.

Mobile, Mobile, & Mobile: We get smarter and technology gets smaller. “They say” that officially, mobile search queries have bypassed desktop searches. Content needs to attract users on a tiny screen.

Personal Touch: If you are looking for a sweater, odds are that a sales representative will more than likely approach you asking questions like, “Are you shopping for a particular event, or a night out,” or “What’s your favorite color?” Get to know your market and figure out what will make the biggest impression and when to make that happen. Provide the same level of personalization that you would receive in a brick and mortar store.

Tune in for our pilot video posted next Friday, December 11th at noon!

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