What You Should Know About the June 2019 Google Update

When what you do relies on Google’s algorithms and is highly dependent on search engine optimization (SEO), you tend to take notice when these algorithms change. On June 3, 2019, Google announced the start of its newest core update with a finished date announced of June 8. So what does this new update mean for you and your website? Here are the major takeaways you should know.

What is Changing

According to Google representatives in tweets that started when the rollout of the update began and continued until it was finished, and also on their official update guidance page, “there is nothing that needs to be changed or fixed.”

It has been said that this Google update is a broad core algorithm update and that it covers many areas that needed to be addressed. So what does this mean? In general, this means that specific niches are not being targeted for content or to purposely increase or decrease their views or searchability.

Google has always said and continues to show that quality is an essential factor in the Google core algorithm. Stressed in this update is the fact that quality remains important and that relevance is just as vital to providing quality results to search engine users.

In simple terms, as always, the Google algorithm update is about bettering the experience for the viewers and giving them relevant information about their searches in a useful way. Which is why this update will change the number of times a specific site will appear in the top search results. This change will limit the number of relevant content from one website that is displayed in search results. This change is an improvement from multiple listings from one company being the top results, which doesn’t really give the searcher many options, thus decreasing the value to the viewer.


What Does This Update Mean for Me?

So what does this new update mean for you and your website? Well, that is solely dependent on the content you provide to your viewers. What this means overall for websites is that those who rely heavily on keywords and catch phrases without quality content will probably see a decrease in total views.

If you have a site with quality content that provides useful information to your viewers, this new Google update may be beneficial for you. If you have followed the basics of good SEO, then you should have no issue with this new update.


Avoiding the Pitfalls of Algorithm Updates

Many fear Google algorithm updates because they think that it will change the way their website is viewed. The fact is if you are giving quality content that offers your viewers something they need or finds useful in some way, then the algorithm’s changes won’t really affect you.

This is where a white label partnership could help you build your site and its content into a website that the algorithms notice, for the right reasons. To achieve this, though, you need to get back to the basics and provide quality content for your viewers, not the search engines.


SEO Basics That Should Never Change

Now that we have your attention, we will discuss some of the basics that make up good SEO content. Many people write what they think is good content for SEO needs and that they should be getting hundreds of views or more. So when they don’t see this type of return, they wonder what went wrong.

The critical issue with this type of thinking is that they are writing for the search engines, and search engines do not buy products. Your content needs to be written with your potential viewers in mind. You want to provide them with something useful to their needs. This type of content will help you build your number of views, and in turn, help increase your conversion rate from viewers to buyers.

This ties into the new Google update where the help page says that it is not a quality issue that they are looking to change but a relevance. Meaning that the algorithm is looking for relevant content on sites that match what their searchers are looking for.


Step by Step Basics

When it comes to the basics of SEO, it is often easier to view it as a step by step process. No one plan of action will put you in the top rankings of the search engines; it is a combined effort of each of the components. So, let’s discuss the step by step process of creating an SEO website.


Step One

The first step in the SEO basics process is expanding your website’s content. This is done by adding supportive links to materials that show and confirm your knowledge in the area of your niche. What this means is you need to be able to back up the information you are providing to your viewers. By giving this affirmation, you are building a following based on trust in your experience and expertise in what you do or offer. In doing so, you are giving your viewers, and potential customers value they will rely on in the future when they need something in the category you provide. 

Step Two

Step two of the basics process is creating a responsive website that works on all devices. For this step, you will need to make sure that all of your content is not only website friendly but also mobile friendly. You may want to look to your support team at 51Blocks for this step if you are unfamiliar with the process of web design. They can help ensure that your website is user and search engine friendly and that it flows effortlessly from page to page on any device your viewers could be using.


Step Three

Step three is all about your viewers. You want to cater to new and returning visitors with unique content that addresses their particular needs and wishes. Again, giving them valuable content to return to. In providing unique content, you are giving viewers something they are not easily going to find somewhere else. Backing this per step one using the supporting material will bring new and existing visitors back for more, allowing you to build a loyal following. Loyal followers are not only good for their visits to your website, but they will also recommend your site to others, thus allowing for an increase in overall views and the ability for increased conversions.


Step Four

Step four is the evaluation portion of the SEO basics. You want to evaluate the website's conversion and make any changes that do not quite fit until you are seeing your customers flowing from point A-Z as you’d envisioned. The evaluation process is the time where you make any changes that are not working out as planned and update content to reach your ultimate goals, which is to become the authority to be trusted by viewers enough to get you into the top results of those search engines.


In Conclusion

So, what does the June 2019 Google core algorithm update mean for you? Well if you stick with the basics of the SEO process and follow the steps listed above, probably nothing. If you do not follow these important steps, then this new Google update may see your views slipping and could be the signal that it is time to get back to the basics and up your SEO game.

 If you find yourself battling to keep up with all of the changes or just implementing the basics on your own, contact your 51Blocks team and let them walk you through the path from beginning to success.


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