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Show Your Value in the Early Stages of SEO with White Label SEO Clients

Search engine optimization takes time to really show results, which can be frustrating for your white label clients. Many businesses want to see results quickly, especially if they feel they’ve invested a lot of money into your services.

Many business owners are still skeptical about the value of a white label SEO provider, which can lead to them questioning their investments. If a business owner doesn’t know if their SEO strategy is paying off, they may start to question whether or not you’re valuable to them.

It’s vital to note that business owners don’t understand white label SEO, as well as you do. While you can look at an SEO analytics report and gauge your performance, an ordinary business owner can’t. So, how do you break down your performance and show your value in a way that your customers can appreciate?

What is White Label SEO?

Sometimes, local SEO services take on more work than they can handle. One solution is to work with a white label SEO provider that can provide search engine optimization services under the SEO company brand name. White label SEO resellers can often fill in the gaps that a local SEO company can struggle to fill.

What Makes a Good SEO Reseller?

The best white label SEO reseller is one that offers much more than just back-end SEO services. Instead, they’re the company that will handle everything and deal directly with the local SEO company’s clients. It’s important to understand the features a particular reseller is offering. You can view a comparison chart of the features offered by the industries leading reseller programs here.

Benefits of a White Label Search Engine Optimization Agency

Clients often need more than just SEO services, and instead expect a whole gamut of digital marketing services. Having a white label SEO service on hand ensures that the parent company can deliver high-quality work while still focusing on their core competencies.

Managing Expectations as an SEO Reseller

If you’re aiming to resell SEO, you need to understand the expectations of two groups of clients: the search engine optimization company you’re working for, and their clients. Anyone who participates in a white label SEO reseller program has the added challenge of showing the value of their work for two distinct entities. How do you show off your value as an SEO reseller to your customers?

Improve Your Perceived Value

Even if you provide an excellent service and great work, it’s meaningless if it isn’t recognized. Reseller SEO perceived value isn’t the same as tangible value, and you need to provide both to convince customers they’ve made the right choice. Luckily, there are many strategies that you can employ when interacting with your client that will show them the true value of your service.


The worst thing you can do is to maintain radio silence with clients. Clients need to know:

·What you’re doing and how you’re doing it

·What are the current results

·What you’re planning to do next


Communication also involves being as transparent as possible. Every white label SEO reseller program has times when they make a misstep or mistake. Nobody likes telling their clients that they made a mistake, but often they should hear it from you rather than from someone else. Even the best white label SEO reseller isn’t perfect, and no strategy is 100% successful.

Own Up to Your Mistakes

When reporting any missteps, be sure to include a proactive plan on how you’re going to mitigate any potential fallout. Doing so will build up trust between you and your client, and will also show that you’re on top of the situation and providing the best white label SEO services possible under the circumstances.


Consistency in communication will create a feeling of trustworthiness that can be very reassuring to clients. One way to create a feeling of consistency if your white label SEO services is to present your information the same way every time you interact with the client. If you give them weekly updates, deliver them at the same time and the same format every week.

Clients that see their white label SEO company deliver consistent reports and services are more likely to believe that you’ll deliver reliable results.

Understand Your Clients

Understanding your clients is the key to communicating successfully and proving the value of your services. If you’re working with a new small business owner, spend more time explaining basic digital marketing concepts, SEO, and analytics so that they don’t feel lost or overwhelmed.  

If you have a client that’s not familiar with SEO, start with the basics. Explain how search rankings can impact their business, and how organic search engine growth will impact their bottom line. Keep in mind that the only thing they really want to know is whether they’ve gotten extra traffic, and how much that traffic is worth.

However, if you’re working with a large corporation or an established marketing team, you can dive into the nitty-gritty with the expectation that they’ll understand what you’re talking about in terms of SEO. The best way to demonstrate to these clients that you’re adding value is to refer to relevant statistics and provable growth.

Be Aware of Cross-Communication

If you’re working with a large organization, keep in mind that often you won’t be talking to the decision-maker. Many times, you’ll have a weekly meeting with a marketing team, where you’ll deliver your white label SEO report. That marketing team will then forward that information to a higher management level.

Mishandled or incorrectly relayed information can have disastrous consequences on your relationship with a client and can impact your reputation as an SEO reseller program. While working with a lower-level team is fine for most updates, make sure to have all the relevant stakeholders present for important meetings that can have an impact on the rest of your SEO services strategy.

Have a Timeline of Results

No matter what you do, there will be times when you’re not hitting your KPIs or going through a period of no growth. These are perfectly normal, but it can be difficult to convince your client of that especially if you resell SEO. Worried SEO companies or their customers may start to get worried about their investment. This concern can be especially challenging for white label search engine optimization resellers.

A good way to reassure clients is to have a timeline of the overall SEO project. If you’ve got a continual upward trend, a small dip doesn’t look as serious. Unfortunately, this strategy works best with established clients, where you have a proven track record of improvements, rather than at the beginning of a relationship.


Set Expectations

Inexperienced business owners will often buy into SEO services as an immediate boost to their revenue. Once they fail to see results within the first couple of weeks, they’ll write the entire thing off as a waste of time and resources.

As an SEO reseller, your job to set the right expectations for your client. Organic search engine growth takes time and continuous investment to truly succeed. According to Forbes, most companies will only see results from white label SEO services six months after the start of the project.

Even experienced clients with established marketing departments may feel impatient with the slow rate of growth, especially if they feel that putting in more money can speed the process up. Setting up reasonable expectations for your SEO services can help reassure clients that you’re serious about their investment.

Dealing with Skeptical Customers

Unfortunately, reassuring clients may not be as easy as it sounds. Many clients who are already skeptical about white label SEO services will view your reassurances as excuses, and use the lack of visible results to pull the plug. To ensure these clients stay on board, remind them of some of the benefits of SEO services.

Side Benefits of SEO

· A faster website: since the Google algorithm prioritizes website speed, chances are any SEO strategy will include website optimization. Doing so translates directly into better customer experience, with seamless transitions between pages and faster transactions

·Mobile-friendly: more and more customers use their mobile devices to browse the web. Having a mobile-friendly website is a cornerstone of white label SEO strategy that provides a tangible benefit to many customers

·Increased authority: customers will naturally gravitate to well-known companies that feel trustworthy. Even doing the smallest amount of SEO will increase your brand reliability due to high-quality content that promotes your thought leadership in the sector

Setting reasonable expectations and highlighting the side benefits of white label SEO ensures that clients feel safe that their investment is in good hands. Groundwork is always the slowest part of any project, and your clients must remain on board until they start seeing results.

Provide Relevant Data

While keeping your perceived value is important, it’s the tangible value of your white label SEO tools that will keep your clients happy. One of the main challenges facing white label SEO companies is how to do that without overwhelming your client with too much information and data.

Don’t Overwhelm with Information

It’s easy to get buried in analytics and white label SEO reporting and expect that everyone has the same familiarity that you do. However, most business owners don’t want to see all the SEO raw data; they want to see results. It’s your job to break down the raw information into a format that the client can use.

Useful Data to Show

The most convincing results for long-term SEO projects come from traffic generation-based data. Unfortunately, this type of data is scarce at the starting stages of a white label SEO relationship. So in the absence of this data, keep your focus on other tangible data points. These can include:

· Content: the number of blog posts, white papers, and other high-quality, keyword-rich content added to the site

· Backlinks: the number of backlinks you got during the past month/week

· Website optimization: the number of technical issues that you identified in the initial audit and which ones you resolved

· Directory/citations: a breakdown of the directories/citation sites that you’ve listed the business on

Show Off Early Benefits

Wherever possible, highlight the benefits of these initial stages. Adding content will start to increase the company’s reputation and provide a wealth of information for new and existing customers alike. Optimizing the website will have multiple benefits for existing customers and well as making it easier for bots to crawl and index.

Highlight the Wins

Once you start seeing initial results, make sure to highlight these as much as possible. Every business owner or CEO loves their company beating the competition, so show them any victories you may have, such as the first time they outrank a competitor in a keyword search.

Compare SEO to Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Many clients prefer the idea of pay-per-click as opposed to SEO services since it produces immediate, noticeable results. While PPC has its place in a holistic marketing strategy, you need to show the value of SEO as well.

One way of doing so is to show them how much it would cost to achieve the result you’re getting with white label SEO services if they were to use PPC. Doing so will provide a great illustration of the current and ongoing value of SEO.


Your client doesn’t care about fancy SEO jargon or incremental improvements. All they want to know is whether they’re getting more traffic and if that traffic translates to more sales. Proving the value of your white label SEO and earning the trust of your SEO company can be difficult, especially at the beginning stages, where growth is still relatively slow.

Luckily, there are several ways that you can continue to show your value and build trust from the start of the project. Communicate and be transparent with your client and show consistency in every aspect of your relationship. Highlight the secondary benefits of white label SEO that are evident from the start, such as increased customer engagement, better website experience, and increased brand visibility.

You can also present your groundwork as progress by showing your commitment to building up a solid SEO services foundation with excellent content, authoritative backlinks, and website optimization. Proving your value from the start will help clients feel secure, which in turn will translate to higher budgets and increased service potential. 



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