White Label SEO Partner COVID-19 Recovery Guide

There are very few people in the entire world who can say COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus) has not affected their daily lifestyle or changed how they view the world. Stay at home orders around the United States have forced people who have non-essential jobs to remain in their homes, not go to work, and avoid other people if possible.

For many, this has dramatically changed their way of life, their mental health, and their financial futures. The same is most definitely true in the business world.

COVID-19 has caused businesses to shut down or drastically alter their daily routines. Essential businesses have been able to stay open, but the changes put in place to keep employees and customers safe have been dramatic. From face coverings and gloves to social distancing in lines and designated shopping routes in aisles, the standard operating procedure of businesses is entirely different.

For businesses that have been deemed non-essential, the changes are not just in routine or operation. They’re financial. Many business owners are struggling to pay their rents and payrolls. The business landscape has been altered, possibly in a permanent way. As our SEO whitelabel partner, you need to be able to help your clients navigate the new normal and develop a crisis recovery plan.

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How to Formulate a COVID-19 Crisis Recovery Plan

COVID-19 has disrupted the business world in ways that no one would have expected or been able to plan for in advance. Now that we can see what the new normal version of commerce is going to look like for the foreseeable future–that is to say, eCommerce–you and your local SEO clients need to take a moment to reflect on the situation. Reflect upon how reselling SEO as one of our white label SEO partners is going to change as well as how your clients will need to see your business as an SEO provider.

After some much-needed reflection, you can move on to the planning and implementation stages of the crisis recovery plan. You will have recognized that eCommerce has become the most popular way consumers are shopping, which means they are using search to find the companies that can provide them with what they need. Because search now has such an oversized channel share when it comes to consumers, your SEO company and your clients need to make sure their digital marketing strategy drives organic traffic to their sites.

As an SEO reseller, you should know what your clients’ digital marketing channels are and how best to use them to drive traffic.

Since consumers are using search so aggressively, your clients must be able to connect and engage with customers. It’s time to focus on maintaining the website, increasing the digital relevance through SEO (especially local SEO and Google map updates to stay as relevant as possible), and developing new content.

Even consider how, as part of your SEO, PPC might play a role in driving more organic traffic through paid content. Staying recent and relevant also matters, so your white label SEO clients must add COVID-19 content such as:

  • FAQs,
  • policies,
  • and banners

to the website to demonstrate they’re trustworthy and understand the current climate.

Once your clients have regrouped and able to implement crisis mode steps, you can bring in more of your white label SEO services as they continue to recover. The focus is now website updates, new offers to generate interest, SEO, PPC, and mobile optimization.

Once put in place and pursued for a period of time during recovery, growth can then begin once the world is able to get back in the business game.

Just as you did before the COVID-19 crisis, businesses should be looking to grow and expand following the hardest part of the crisis. SEO, PPC (paid media), and website enhancements, especially in content, should be a priority. Even looking at the opportunity gaps opened because of COVID-19 can be an excellent starting point.

Perhaps increased media consumption leading to an uptick in TV sales seems promising, but there is an issue of getting the consumer the TV they want. Update your client’s website for delivery or curbside pick-up options to show how this can be an excellent chance for increased traffic and ROI.

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Digital Marketing in the Pandemic – Our Take

While the pandemic is still an ongoing challenge for the United States, it doesn’t have to spell disaster when it comes to providing white label SEO services for agencies, businesses, and other companies in your area. Our SEO resellers in the white label SEO program have an opportunity to truly hone their skills as an SEO provider to their clients.

Since the market has changed so dramatically, SEO resellers need to evaluate where their clients are lacking and how to keep their businesses functioning during this trying time.

As an SEO reseller, you are providing white label SEO services to your clients who need a boost in sales and increased traffic from quarantined customers. This is an opportunity for you to showcase how the reseller program has benefitted you as a white label SEO company.

Use the SEO tools you have at your disposal and help your clients find the customers they need. Optimization of the website, digital marketing tricks, keyword-rich content, user-friendly website updates including mobile, and even paid channels for marketing are available. Show your clients how white label SEO can still give them significant advantages over the competition, even in times of crisis like this COVID-19 induced challenge.

Just because business and the world of commerce has changed doesn’t mean it has ended. Clients still need to connect and engage with their customers, but they simply need to adjust their tactics to do so effectively. As a private label SEO provider, you can show them just how to do that.

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Recovering and Working in the New Normal

Adjusting to new circumstances comes with the territory as a private label SEO reseller. Whenever your clients have new requests, or a search engine changes its algorithm, it’s your task as the white label SEO reseller to re-evaluate the client’s current website and see how to bring it up to the new standard.

When it comes to the new normal of the COVID-19 crisis and beginning to work again, some significant adjustments and updates will have to be made. Part of your white label SEO services for your clients is figuring out what changes should be made for the mutual benefit of them and their customers.

One opportunity is implementing unique offers through their website and advertising it through paid channels. You’ve already optimized their local SEO to ensure they reach their target audience, so now you have to provide that audience with something they need. Discounts and promotions always land well with customers, and post-pandemic recovery time would be no different.

Updates are also essential white label SEO services. We are continually making sure the analytics are matching our expectations for updates we have previously completed. Still, now these updates need to be in pursuit of growth in the new normal of business and commerce. Optimization updates on the website such as;

  • Schema: data used by web crawlers to add to their knowledge graph for your site. It helps with ranking and provides more information about your website to search engines without making your customers see it. There are even COVID-19 specific schemas available.
  • Voice search: People have virtual assistants in their homes and on their phones to help them with searching. You need to make sure that your clients’ websites are optimized for voice search that can be done by Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Navigation: When people are exploring a website, they don’t want to get lost or take a long time to find the information they need. Having exceptional navigation that is user-friendly and logical is key to keeping visitors on the website and hopefully converting them into clients.

Other types of white label SEO updates have to do with mobile browsing. More people than ever use their smartphones to search for things and businesses they need. It’s essential that your clients’ websites are already optimized for mobile, and their content is synchronized between desktop and mobile.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are able to load faster, which results in higher visibility, engagement, and conversion. Speed on mobile can significantly impact rankings and conversions, so it’s crucial for both customers and search engines.

One last recovery method is utilizing paid channels for increased visibility and sales. PPC is a temporary way to boost your website on search engines, and you can use social media outlets to advertise as well with targeted ads. While these are not permanent, they are a completely viable white label SEO tactic that can be employed for a quick win-fall that will then lead to more organic traffic and sales.

White label SEO services can be complicated in these challenging and unprecedented times. As a member of our SEO reseller program, we are here to help you succeed and aid you with transitioning your clients into the new normal of the business world.

How Our White Label SEO Reseller Program Partnership Can Help You with Recovery and Transition

Everyone has been scrambling lately because of COVID-19 and the consequences of a near-complete economic shutdown to figure out how their businesses will stay viable and how to transition into the new normal of commerce. As a member of our SEO reseller program, we are here for you, as always.

We have the experience, knowledge, and skills to answer your questions and provide you with options to help you work your way through these challenging transition period. The white label SEO reseller program was designed to give you some relief and assistance while you grow your business. We are still here taking care of things behind the scenes.

When you have concerns or issues with web design, keyword-rich content, mobile AMP problems, or anything in between, our expert white label SEO professionals can help. Becoming a member of the reseller program gives you advantages during this recovery and transition time that you would otherwise not have.

Frequently Asked White Label SEO Questions

When it comes to SEO services, we get a lot of questions that we’ve been able to address and discuss in our FAQs and blog. During this COVID-19 crisis, we have a couple of other white label SEO questions that need to be answered.

How Can I Recover My White Label SEO Company after COVID-19?

Your white label SEO company may have been negatively affected, just like many other businesses around the country. The primary solution to the question of recovery after COVID-19 is following a clear plan. You need to know what your individual white label SEO recovery plan entails and when it’s the appropriate time to move from one stage to the next. If you’ve become a white label SEO partner with us, we are happy to discuss these steps and provide you with the feedback you need to ensure you are on the road to recovery.

What Does a Post-COVID-19 Crisis Recovery Plan Look Like for My White Label SEO Reseller Company?

A post-COVID-19 white label SEO recovery plan will likely have three stages:

  • crisis mode,
  • recovery,
  • and growth.

Each of these stages is unique and presents itself with a particular set of opportunities and challenges.


Contact Us Today to Go Over Your Post COVID-19 Plan

Whether you are working on your site’s maintenance, updating your local Google listings, investing in paid media and advertising, or beginning a process of growth with new marketing offers, your white label SEO partners are here to help. We are all in this together, and our success has always been your success.

While COVID-19 has changed the framework of business and how commerce is being done, that does not mean white label SEO is any less important or viable. In fact, it’s even more critical! You need to saturate the search engine results pages with essential content and reach clients where you know they’re looking for you and your SEO service.

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Contact us today for more information on our complete COVID-19 recovery response and to continue our white label SEO partnership. COVID-19 will eventually be defeated, and your SEO business can continue to succeed. Our SEO specialists can show you how and help you develop your individual recovery plan.

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