Why Analyzing Google Analytics’ Behavior Flow Can Impact Conversion Rate

As a business owner, it’s one thing to have a website to which you can direct potential clients and customers. It is quite another to understand how people are interacting with your site, how that can lead to profitable conversions, and how site optimization can help boost your business in Google’s organic search results. Even with a beautiful website, only the numbers and statistics will tell you how well your site engages clients. This is where Google Analytics comes into play, specifically the behavior report.

What Is Behavior Flow?

Although it is important to know who your audience is and where they came from, it is even more critical for the success of your online presence to know what those people are doing on your site, how long they are staying on your site, and which pages are the most popular. Google Analytics provides information on each URL of your site, the flow of customers’ path through the website, the time spent on each page, the number of visits per page, and many other statistics. 

In the behavior flow report, you will find a variety of data from other reports combined for comparison purposes. It displays nodes (points through which traffic flows), connections (the path from one node to another), and exits (where a user left). Rather than tracking page to page, you can also choose to view these statistics from event to event (downloads, mobile ad clicks, gadgets, etc.), but this must be set up ahead of time in order for them to appear in the report. Using this information, you will be able to determine users’ engagement with your site and places on your site which could be improved through professional SEO (search engine optimization). 

To see your flow reports, you will access them through the Reporting tab in your Google Analytics page. Under Behavior, you will see Behavior Flow and several aspects of the information to view. You can see the user flow according to content grouping, automatically grouped pages, events, or the pages and events combined. Your site optimization needs may determine which method you will choose to view your data.

How Can Behavior Flow Improve My Website?

Because behavior flow illustrates the most common path users take through your website, it also then shows you which pages are the most critical for you to continue to interact with your clients. These will be the pages that rank the highest in organic search results. You will be able to identify the most engaging content on your site and make sure those pages are always updated with your most interesting and useful information for customers to know. 

Likewise, the behavior flow report will show you which pages are getting the least amount of traffic on your site. You may have some content issues on these pages that professional SEO could assist you with to improve engagement and increase traffic from Google searches and social media outlets.  Having analytics on your website’s pages with the most and least interaction will help you figure out what you are doing well and how to implement changes to the problem areas. Even if you have a good amount of traffic, continued engagement with other pages of your site is equally important. The longer a user remains on your site the more likely it is that they become a customer. The behavior flow report shows you this information and helps you determine if and where improvement is needed.

Dedicated SEO Professionals Can Help

Understanding everything presented in Google’s Analytics, ensuring your site is set up for success, and figuring out a strategy to improve your site optimization based on those analytics is a lot of work and can seem pretty intimidating. That’s why having a dedicated SEO team who is only concerned with the performance of your website is definitely in your best interest. When you have clients to worry about and deadlines to meet, the last thing you want to devote time to is checking your Google Analytics. Let an SEO professional keep track of your site’s statistics and help you improve your organic search results, keep successful pages engaged with your customers, and strategize ways to identify and improve potential content issues.

At 51Blocks, our dedicated site optimization team has the knowledge and experience to track your Google Analytics’ behavior flow report (and all the other reports as well) and help you improve your site’s placement in organic search results by researching the best keywords for your business, staying aware of local search trends, and continue to draw users to your site. Let us know when you get a great testimonial, are running a big sale, or have a new image. We will help you determine the best location to drive traffic and keep users on your site longer. 

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