Why Backlinks May Not Be the Best SEO Strategy for Your Business

Keeping up with the advances and trends that occur in the SEO world is a constant struggle. You need to evaluate and reevaluate your strategy to get your content noticed by the search engines that matter. For some years now, backlinks have been at the top of that strategy list. Through new advances and changes in search engine profiling, this may not be the case any longer. Here are some tips on why backlinks may not be the best SEO strategy for your business and what you can do.

What are Backlinks

A backlink is a website link on another website that directs viewers to something on your site. For example, if I were to embed a link in this article to an article by someone else. That would be a backlink for the person who wrote the article. These links, while posted on another person’s website, when posted properly, can lead viewers to your relevant content.

Cause and Effect of Backlinking

For many years now backlinking has been a popular way to bring more people onto your website and also get ranked by the search engines that help get you noticed. Like many things, though, backlinking has been abused and thus devalued. Many companies used shady methods to rank higher on search engines, like paying to have links placed and placing them anywhere they could get them. This practice caused the top search engines to take notice and make changes, much like the issue of keyword cramming.

Backlinks are still a way to receive viewers on your website. However, they are no longer the benefit they once were. Because of the time, it takes to see real results in viewer conversion through backlinks; other methods are regaining stamina. More emphasis is being placed on the content you are offering and the value you are providing to your viewers. That is, after all, what the search engines are looking for in SEO efforts; content that is valuable to the viewer.

Getting Back to the Basics of SEO

Because of the changes in algorithms and search engine standards, it is time to get back to the basics of SEO. What do we mean by this? Simply stated, to get the most out of your SEO efforts, you need to put the right materials and efforts into them. This process will take some work but can provide immense benefits for your conversion.

Your first step should be to research what your viewers are looking for. Make sure that you are offering this to your viewers, and that you are doing it through a method that is easily accessible and navigated. You will also want to find keywords that are proven to get results. This step can, at times, be one of the hardest in the SEO process. Next, make sure that every page of your website is optimized with your viewer in mind. From here, you want to pay attention to your viral marketing and utilize your social media platforms that put your content in front of more viewers. Finally, check the results, make any necessary changes, and do it again.

Content is Key

Following the above steps will up your SEO game and help bring the viewers to your website. Now you need to make sure what they find there is quality content that gives them what they are looking for. What this means is that when the search engines have found your keywords and directed people to your site, you want them to see what they were expecting, or searching for in the search engine.

Having quality content for your viewers not only keeps the viewers on your page and can lead to a higher conversion rate of viewers to buyers, but it also makes your website more attractive to search engines. Being noticed by the search engines as having valuable content will improve your ranking and allow you to be viewed even more.

Finding the Path, That is Right for Your Business

Finding the right combination of pages, keywords, content, and marketing for your website is different for every niche and website. You need to take your knowledge of your niche and apply the strategy that works for you. If you are stuck on the SEO process, reach out to a digital marketing agency and let them guide you through the process. They will be able to help you find an SEO strategy that works and tell you from experience, what really doesn’t work well.

While backlinks can still bring you views and will work as a tool in your SEO arsenal, they are no longer the SEO strategy they once were. Keeping to the basics of SEO will allow you to grow your ranking in a manner that has viewable results in a much shorter timeframe.

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