Why Doesn't My Business Show Up in Google?

Securing top rankings for the most competitive Google search display results used to be a little hit or miss, but the game has changed.  Today's most coveted spots for keyword ranking result from strategic planning by search engine optimization professionals. Your SEO company should execute that plan, constantly refining the user experience so that visitors will flow from home page to call-to-action just as you envisioned they would.


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Start with an SEO audit.

You can't fix a problem unless you know the specifics of the real problem.  An SEO audit has several steps that get past the symptoms and define your precise troubles:  (1) Crawl all over the entire website.  (2) Consult search engines using webmaster tools to see what they tell you.  (3) Analyze the results forward, backward and sideways.

Since you didn't finish that Ph.D.  in computer technology, are you out of luck?  Of course not, that's why you have the White Label SEO company 51Blocks. We'll take care of the web technicalities, so you can focus on running your business.  We'll give your website a thorough physical exam and design a treatment that'll cure what ails your Google ranking.

Build a Cool, User-friendly Site

Great websites stand out from the competition.  They are simple enough for consumers of all skill levels to navigate.  They maximize your SEO marketing strategy.

This may sound silly but, first off, your site has to be pretty.  That is, it stands out by appealing to your audience, be they off-road ATV adventurers or Hummel figurine collectors.  You know that audience, you know your goals, that becomes your vision. White Label SEO professionals know how to take your vision, seamlessly blend it with an SEO marketing strategy and design a look that pulls your website out of its present well-deserved obscurity.

The web design and development team at 51Blocks use WordPress which allows for easy edits, optimization and theme updates to give your site a better user experience.  We'll research the keywords best suited to your products or services, and our content wizards will craft web copy that will keep your visitors so engaged they'll want to read every page on your site.

Then, we go beyond simple words on a page.  Content guides your users from entry to conversion, it may include photos, videos, interactive dialogues, and more.  Individuals react differently to different stimuli and have different expectations. Cater to those differences and meet those expectations and you'll place yourself miles ahead of the competition.  Just remember that all the various types of content need to relate back to your central message, supporting the keyword ranking you're trying to achieve.

When we're done, you'll have a professional-looking website with every tool a user needs — careful site mapping, logical structure, accurate keywords where they count most, solid design and internal links that people can navigate efficiently.

Engage with Social Media

Links that direct people to your site are valuable. By placing content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites, you increase the chances that people will see you.  This subconsciously builds trust via name recognition. When people share your site info social media, it becomes a recommendation to others. This also quietly builds trust.

We can then add quality content on a regular basis to keep the website fresh. This gives your social media fans something new to talk about, and isn't that why they're on social media?  When they copy a link on their account to your site, you win points with google analytics.

Make Pay-Per-Click Pay Back

Like any tool, it's great if it's planned and executed correctly.  Mismanaging PPC campaigns waste your money and your time; well-managed campaigns are profitable.  Remember the infomercials that ran in the wee hours of the 1970s and beyond? Why did they air them "when nobody was watching"?  Because air-time at 3:00 am was cheap and fatigued minds made poor decisions — like buying the junk advertised on infomercials at 3:00 am.

Pay-per-click works the same way.  The sophisticated, 21st Century buyer has trained himself to ignore irrelevant onscreen ads the way viewers of 1960s science fiction television ignored the fact that the monster-of-the-week was a guy in a rubber suit.  White Label SEO pros make your pay-per-click ads relevant.

Some keywords convert poorly, stop using them.  Incorrectly positioning ads or not having your ads live at crucial times means you're not being seen by your target market.  Underutilizing demographic tools means your ads are not being taken seriously — different generations have distinctive priorities and learning styles; cater to their uniqueness.


Synergy is the old idea that two horses together can pull more than both horses can pull separately.  Partnering with the professionals at 51Blocks, a Denver based White Label SEO company,  gives you the best chance of creating a synergistic, strategic marketing plan that will engage every useful tool at its most efficient and effectively place your website on Google's radar and in front of your target market.

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