Why Don’t Local Listings Come Up In All Keyword Searches?

Local listings can now be found in every major search engine in the world. When you type in “plumbers” on Google, you will be presented with local plumbers that will be able to help with your plumbing-based needs. This is done by Google’s algorithm that uses your IP address to be able to determine where you are located in the world. With this information, local businesses will be displayed so that you can find a plumber much faster than weeding through irrelevant websites that are purely based on content.

One Keyword Changes Everything

You may notice that some keywords will come up with local listings and others will be void of them. Why does this occur? Let’s look at an example:

  • Following the same search query as before, plug in “plumbers salary” and you are given completely different results. In fact, the entire page shows only relevant information and there are no businesses displayed.

Why was there such a change? Google uses a very broad approach when it comes to determining when to show local listings. If a person were to search for “broken pipe,” they would still be presented with no local listings. This is because a person is determined to be looking for information rather than a service itself.

What Keywords Display Local Listing?

Google and other search engines typically do not divulge how their algorithms work when ranking a website or showing local listings. However, we can piece together the puzzle with just a few short searches. Typically, a person will be searching for a broad topic when they are looking for a local service provider. This is likely based off of user data that search engines amass. Essentially, Google understands that if you type “plumber in Dallas” or merely “plumber,” you likely need a local plumber to assist you.

However, if you type in another keyword, the algorithm will assume you are merely looking for information. This is the basis of why all search results and keywords do not display local listings. There are merely some keywords or phrases that would not warrant the displaying of local listings. Search engines do their very best to only display the relevant results – in this case local listings.

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