Why Facebook “Likes” Matter in SEM

In order to create a successful online marketing campaign, a focus on achieving an advantageous search engine marketing (SEM) plan of action is of primary concern alongside effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Unlike the organic results from SEO, SEM is generally viewed as the paid per click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC) search engine advertising campaigns that occurs across various channels, which can be a significant marketing expense for your company. The cost of SEM underlines the need to utilize only those avenues that have a proven track record of realizing a favorable outcome.

Marketing Facts of Facebook

Facebook is one of those mediums with which many companies have found great success in increasing their visibility across a broader market that would be otherwise be presumably inaccessible. With companies collectively spending over millions of dollars on Facebook advertising through PPC/CPC campaigns to promote their business page, you may be wondering how these companies assess whether their marketing dollars are being spent wisely on Facebook. These campaigns are largely aimed at increasing the number of potential consumers “liking” the business’s Facebook page.

How Do Facebook Likes Work?

If a Facebook user likes your business page either directly from an ad campaign you are running or by navigating to your page, a portion of that user’s friends will see this action under their own newsfeed. This may prompt other users to like your page as your business is then perceived as credible. A bonus to this type of “connection promotion” is that you didn’t have to pay for it. Additionally, when you post new content on your Facebook page, your update will be seen by those who have personally liked your page. If those users then like your posted content, it is visible by that user’s friends, which is also free advertising. A final benefit is that the more likes your page has, the higher up Facebook will rank it when Facebook users search for term related to your business.

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