Why Setting Up Forms on Your Website is So Important

Convertible traffic on your website is the driving factor for most website creators. For this reason, stats are usually the first thing businesses look at to decide how well their website is performing. Did you know this could be a mistake? Here’s an explanation of why and why setting up forms on your website is so important.

What Do Stats Really Tell You?

When you analyze the stats of your website, you are looking for specific patterns that tell you how many people have been to your site and what they looked at, to gain an understanding of your overall conversion rate. These stats are simply vanity metrics, however. They cannot tell you the true success of your SEO or give you an accurate conversion rate. This is because stats can be influenced by many factors that have no real bearing on your conversion rate to from viewer to sales.

Some of the influencers that build your stats up are registered users, page views, and things like that. This information, while nice to have, does not really tell you anything about your customers. It tells you that a certain number of people have viewed that page, it tells you that X number of people are registered users of your website. What is important to note here is what it does not tell you. None of this data tells you how many of those viewers actually bought your product or became customers. They do not tell you anything about conversion from viewer to buyer, and this is where forms come in.

Following Through with Your Users

This does not mean that stats are not a helpful resource at all. They can tell you what your prospective customers are looking at. The problem is that this is all it tells you. You need a way to turn those viewers into buyers, but how if you have no way of knowing who they are or to how get in contact with them? You can only see that X amount of people were viewing Y product. Using forms for this data can help take those leads and turn them into sales. Forms give you the best chance for conversion optimization.

What is meant by forms for your website? Forms are essentially the communication portal between your and your viewers. They allow your viewers to contact you in many different ways. This direct contact is what will enable you to give your viewers a better experience and a new reason to become buyers instead of static viewers. Forms allow you to understand the traffic on your site and give you a way to turn leads into sales.  Forms can be comment boxes, contact us pages, chat now buttons, and many more features that let your audience receive a follow-up from you.

What Can Forms and Chatbots Tell You?

Utilizing forms and chatbots on your website gives you real metrics instead of the vanity metrics discussed above. They give you a lead that you can follow to improve your conversion optimization. It is hard to make a sale if you do not know who you are trying to sell to. These forms give you information about interested viewers that can be contacted and thus converted into customers.

Web forms can be used in many different ways for many purposes. They allow communication from your viewer to you, whether in the form of a chatbot that allows instant communication or through an order form that helps your viewer to buy your products. Forms also give you a way to see who is a repeat viewer and what they are interested in — allowing you to get a better picture of what products are doing well and what needs to be changed.

Let’s see an example of what forms can do. When a viewer is looking at your product and wants to know if that dress comes in their size, they click on the dropdown box (form 1) to see the different sizes. Yay, it does, so now they add one to their order (form 2). Then they fill in all of their shipping information in the purchasing field (form 3) and wait for their purchase to arrive. After they have received their dress and found it to be perfect, they leave a fantastic review of your product (form 4).

Seeing the Results in Conversion Analysis

Now that you have discovered how useful forms can be, it is time to see them in action. Conversion analysis is the key to understanding how well your website and business are doing. This analysis shows you what is doing great and what needs a bit of work, allowing you to make improvements for higher conversion.

If this all seems a bit confusing, it may be a good time to contact an SEO partner to help set up and optimize your website forms. They will be able to show you the ins and outs and what works well for conversion optimization.


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