Why Should You Test Different CTA Copy to Up Your Conversion Rate?

You have your images and the voice of your company so what is missing? After some research, you know you need call-to-action (CTA) prompts to get your customers where you need them to be. Did you know though that the information you give them with those call to action buttons (the copy) is just as important as the prompt itself? Let’s discuss this a bit further and see what you might be missing.

Why Do I Need CTA Copy?

When you go to any website in today’s tech-savvy world, you will see many “click here” buttons. After several experiments with these buttons, you also know that they lead you to another page offering you some service. So now you only click if you think it will apply to you. Otherwise, you skim past these buttons and continue with your reading. Well, guess what, so do your customers, this is where really good copy comes in. You need the company’s copy to speak to your customer on a level that makes them want to find out where that button will take them. You need to have CTA copy that will catch their eye while they skim through the rest of the page. This copy should use both images and words that tell your customer what you offer that others don’t. To encourage them to look further.

Will Using Different CTA Copy Increase My Conversion Rate?

With any company search engine optimization (SEO) is key to getting people to your site. If you can’t get them to your site, there is no way to tell them what you can do for them. After you have mastered the SEO content and have brought your customers to your page, then what? How are you going to convert them into a sale? Now is the time to have a great CTA copy, this will entice them to look further. It needs to show them that, what you have, will be beneficial to them. Strategically placed links and eye-catching buttons serve as a gateway to your product. Getting them to the next step is how you increase your conversion rate from just looking to buying. Trying different CTA copy allows you to maximize your CTA’s potential and put more conversions in the book.

How Will Small Changes Make a Difference in Conversion Rate?

With CTA copy the smallest change can sometimes make the most significant difference allowing for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Step back and really look at your CTA buttons and what they are saying to the customer. Look from the outside and see whether you would want to go in. You do not have to scrap everything that you already have. Changing the wording a bit may be just the fix you need. One great example of this would be a CTA button that says click here for more information. While this may get you a few clicks and put several people on your main page, your click-through rate is not going to be very high. Entice them to click that button with something like click here to see how you could save 50%. In this way, you are giving your customer an incentive to push that button, allowing for even more potential CRO growth.

What Other Steps Can I Take to Improve My CTA Copy?

So, now you know you have to pay attention to the small things and entice your potential customers to take the next action. What else can you do to increase the performance of your CTA copy? Now is when you might want to look for some outside help. No matter your level of experience, a company that specializes in SEO and CRO could give your website the push it needs to take it over the top. In looking for SEO strategies, you want to find someone that will help you take your ideas from good to spectacular. Someone that will work with your desired plan and make the small tweaks that will make your potential clients rush to become confirmed sales. Looking for a white label SEO company can not only increase your CTA copy potential but the overall success of your webpage. Their CTA expertise can put your product in front of the highest number of potential clients and entice them through to the end game, the sale.

Having a great product is the first step to being successful in this age of e-commerce. From there you need to stand out among the masses and grab the attention of your potential clientele. Maintaining this attention after they have come to your site is crucial, which is where fantastic CTA copy plays a critical role and allows you to change those browsing customers into buying ones. Learning to put it all together in an attractive package will let you see the growth your hard work deserves.

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