Why Smaller Marketing Firms Get Better Results

Bigger isn’t always better.

Smaller online marketing firms often get better results than big marketing firms. Why? Big marketing firms are often overrun with work leading them to spend less time on your marketing. Less time leads to missed opportunities, longer time to see results and less of a personal touch that many businesses need.

Smaller marketing firms offer:

Quality Over Quantity

Having less volume of work and less employees leads to a higher level of quality. We do the work that really matters and don’t add tasks just to “check them off the list.” Companies that have to hire dozens of employees frequently have:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Employees that lack essential skills
  • An overload of work

Weaker employees should never be your problem, but it is when dealing with a larger firm.

Smaller firms are able to work with competent employees that always contribute to the marketing process. Keeping a team small allows for a small firm to produce the highest level of quality during a marketing campaign without the missed deadlines or lackluster performance of a weak link (an employee) due to too much quantity.

Faster Results

Results can’t happen overnight, but they can happen faster when dealing with a smaller firm. Bigger firms have a lot of clients and can’t dedicate the time and resources to one client to achieve results overnight – it won’t happen.

Smaller firms produce faster results.

When a firm is small, collaborating between departments happens faster and content is produced faster. Ultimately, the time it takes to get the “leg work” done is cut in half allowing a campaign to proceed without the usual hurdles in the way.

Greater Talent Management

Marketing thrives when a multi-facet approach is taken. Unfortunately, a professional that is great at content creation won’t necessarily have a passion for social media. When this happens, it’s best to put the best person for the job, on the job.

The best talent for the job should always be tasked with the job.

Larger firms have to put their biggest clients first. For example, a particular person is the best person to run a social media campaign but he is busy working on a large client, your campaign will be undertaken by someone with less experience. Your results will eventually suffer.

Ultimately, the best person for the campaign won’t be the one carrying it out.

You might still see results, but they may not be optimal or lasting. We want your results to remain strong for the long haul.

Small marketing firms have the luxury of using their most talented employees where they fit best in their business. You want only the best person to run your campaign, or parts of your campaign, and that is what a smaller marketing firm will allow.

Smaller online marketing firms provide the individualized attention your business deserves because they have more to lose. These businesses are able to provide the attention to detail that big firms often only give to large clients.

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