Why You Should Be Using the Google My Business Post Feature

What is the Google My Business Post Feature?

Do you need a way to drive clicks to your site? Do you want to alert new users to promotions and new services? Do you want to boost your presence in Google searches? You can now post your latest products, events, and specials all through your Google business page via a feature called Google My Business posts.

Posting through Google My Business allows your products and services to appear directly in Google searches and maps. All you have to do is claim your free Google My Business profile to expand and boost your exposure on the search engine. Because 82% of people use Google to find local information, it allows you to showcase the unique and timely features of your business.

So what does a Google Post look like? Google Posts allow for customizable content and can highlight a number of different business features, including a new product, event, or a new offer. Posts appear as a combination of text and an image. Google Posts also allow you to include a call to action. A call to action could include booking the post, signing up, or call now, which are all features that Google users might use after viewing your post. Most importantly, these posts will appear below your business information whenever your business appears on a Google search.

All Google Posts expire after one week, which encourages business to regularly create new and exciting content to draw in users. Once you create a post, it can be shared to social media pages, so you can create social media content and Google content in one fell swoop. 

Google Posts not only make marketing more efficient for businesses, but they facilitate user engagement as well. Because Google Posts are simple to use and require no cash, businesses should give them serious consideration as they create their SEO plan.

How does this help users learn about your business?

Users most often encounter Google My Business profiles through local searches. For instance, if a user uses Google Maps to search for nearby Mexican restaurants, the user could click on Google My Business pages listed on the side of the screen to learn more. Google Posts are featured prominently just below the business information. Thus, Google My Business posts offer a quick, free, and customizable way for you to promote your business.

Because they are highlighted, Google My Business Posts allow you to begin to set a positive tone for user engagement. Posts allow you to customize your brand perception at a critical juncture; users who may not be familiar with your brand encounter a positive and curated view of your company, influencing how your business is perceived. Like social media, you can use every tool to create and set a brand perception: the aesthetic of the photo, the text, and the call to action. Google Posts offer you more control over your rankings.

Google Posts are also increasingly important for local SEO. Millions of consumers use Google for shopping, and 61% of mobile searches for local businesses result in a local purchase. Businesses can use Google My Business Posts’s call to action feature to create easy pathways through which consumers can learn about and purchase products, services, and special offers. It reduces and streamlines the required clicks to purchase, allowing users to make a purchase faster and in fewer clicks than before.

How does it help clicks in search, which in turn help rankings?

Google Posts generate organic traffic or clicks that result from authentic content. Google’s algorithms now favor sites that have a more holistic presence; you need to use every tool available, including the Google My Business Post feature, to achieve and retain high search results.

Further, Google Posts make it easier for users to complete actions, generating more traffic to your site and more purchases. You can easily track engagement with posts through your Google My Business account, and you can use URL tagging to track how many users engage with your website after viewing a post. Like other types of social media, you can use this information to determine which posts produce more click-throughs.

The Google Post also gives you space to compete with the competition. With Google Posts, your brand can achieve more exposure and internet presence. In searches, users can easily be pulled away by an ad or another listing. However, with Google Posts, you can draw more attention to your listing by expanding your Google presence.

All in all, Google Posts are a free and useful tool for business to use. They drive user engagement and set positive tones for new visitors. Moreover, they alert users to timely information about your business. So the question is not whether to use Google My Business Posts, but why are you not using them? 51Blocks can help guide you!

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