Yelp Now Secures Its Spot in the Local SEO Arena

Yelp has now gained a significant spot in the Local SEO world, thanks to its new relationship with Apple.

Although the IPhone 4S application, Siri, always sourced content from Yelp, the experience wasn’t anything to write home about. But in the new iOS 6, Yelp is marketed well as a brand with a prominent marquee. Everybody now knows where all the restaurant reviews are coming from.

According to an article from SearchEngineLand, Yelp is now guiding local businesses in Australia to claim their pages as a way into Apple Maps territory and the local search results. If you have a local business then you have to claim your Yelp listing. Remember, Yelp reviews have gained notability, all thanks to Apple and Bing.

Yelp and Google

So Google and Yelp have now placed themselves at the opposite ends of the local SEO spectrum, affecting all the other applications on the web such as Foursquare. Even if Yelp is lagging behind Google in the web ecosystem, it still has created its own brand. It has successfully integrated itself with Bing Local pages as well.

Bing and Yelp

Now any content such as restaurant reviews, snippets, photos, business information, etc. that you see on Bing Local pages, is attributed to Yelp. The Apple relationship with Yelp is likely to make Bing’s ratings soar.

Apple Yelp check-in features

Yelp has gained popularity and prominence with the new Apple iPhone application – Yelp Inc. The app has a check-In feature which helps keep friends and family updated on your whereabouts. Stated to replace Google’s location service, Apple Maps will also enable you to communicate using Yelp. Besides becoming a tough competitor for Google, Yelp will also pose a serious threat to Facebook which also broadcasts user whereabouts.

This year, Yelp’s shares have increased by 46 percent. Since Apple has officially taken the first step towards ditching Google Maps and integrating Apple Maps with Yelp, it may not long before Yelp takes over the reins from Google for providing fast, local, SEO content.

The Yelp Launch

A simple click on the CheckIn button launches the Yelp application to file your location. According to a study by Pew Research, 18 percent of smart phone users utilize location check-in. Users earlier had to install third-party apps to broadcast their locations but now with the ‘Yelp’ yelp, you can keep your friends posted on your location without having to install any other app.

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