8 Must-Have White label SEO Services You Can Sell to Your Clients

White Label SEO Success


The digital and physical world revolves around the aspect of search. In such a world SEO makes a significant difference. The element of search engine optimization or SEO enables individuals and entities to establish their digital presence such that various search engines will account for them and serve them up as options to digital searchers.

Indeed, the more visibility that an SEO firm, marketing agency, white-label SEO provider, restaurant, retail shop, or entity has online, the more organic traffic they can obtain.

The more organic traffic that an agency owner, marketing agency, white label SEO provider, or other business has due to SEO, the more likely they can sustain and grow their business over time.

Indeed, SEO is important for everyone, from a marketing agency to an agency owner to a consultant and many other firms. That is why it makes sense for a digital marketing agency to offer SEO as a service. But the truth is that maybe you do not have the skills or the time to ensure implementing the best SEO tactics and strategies.

That is where a white label provider comes into the picture and makes a difference.

A white label provider can help a wide variety of agencies to offer backlinks, technical SEO, content creation, and other elements that add massive value to the SEO service and the end client. This enables an agency to provide further services without having to scale up its headcount. At the same time, this SEO offering helps individuals to remain competitive, provide transparent reports, implement metrics and offer monthly reporting that matters all under your branding.

Take advantage of white label SEO for your company by using SEO specialists from a white label provider.

Different White Label SEO Services You Can Sell to Clients

When working as a reseller of search engine optimization (SEO) services, you have a plethora of white label SEO solutions to sell as your own. This not only lets you entertain a larger pool of potential customers but also allows you to upsell to existing clients. As long as you know which services to pitch at the right time, you can grow your business with the vast array of these solutions.

It can increase the value of your portfolio and can increase the portion of the budget that you capture from your clients. But thankfully, you can add it to your agency offerings without having and optimize your client’s relevance and conversions without having to worry about algorithm updates.

The right white label SEO provider will offer a comprehensive strategy, seo best practices, seo audit aspects, and will use their seo consultant to increase your relevance and value. Why not add this to your pitch decks? If you have the right SEO consultants, have fulfillment figured out, have the right strategy and process in place, then all that matters then is the client relationships and the right packages.

Due to these reasons, it is crucial for you to be aware of the different white label services you can sell to clients. In addition to growing your business, it also helps you in maintaining your prowess, know-how, and specialization in SEO solutions. This supports you through your pre-sale and after-sale services alike and lets you recommend the most suitable services to clients with a higher chance of conversion.

Suppose you have reseller plans but want to stay away from Google search console, content strategy tools, and search engine algorithms. In that case, you want to tap into the suitable white label SEO packages from an effective white label SEO agency.

The best part is that you do not have to continue to add more to your plate. The project managers, SEO workflow, SEO strategies, SEO specialist, and comprehensive SEO solution is present behind the scenes. It is essentially done for you, making you focus more on what matters, client onboarding.

This enables marketing agencies like you to focus on case studies, customer acquisition, and SEO clients while an SEO team full of SEO professionals focuses on the SEO reporting dashboard.

To help you get the most out of your work as an SEO reseller, here’s a lowdown on the most popular white label SEO services that you can sell to agency clients.


On-site SEO Optimizations

1. On-Page SEO for Select/New Pages

Typically, on-page SEO is a one-time process that takes care of all technical elements, including backend setup and keyword content optimization. But whenever an existing site decides to target new keywords or add new product and service pages, it needs to perform micro-level on-page optimization for the targeted pages only.

If you have a client who has added new pages to their website after their on-page SEO setup was done, you can pitch this ongoing on-page SEO to them. This makes sure that the particular website’s SEO foundation stays strong despite the addition of new products or services that may target new search keywords.

In this type of on-page SEO that is done for targeted pages, the offered services include but are not limited to the following.

  • Targeted keyword research
  • Meta details creation and setup
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Image alt tags setup
  • Page speed optimization
  • Mobile-friendly optimization.

This ongoing SEO is often required by websites that keep adding new services or products continuously. For their specific pages to rank high for certain keywords, they must be set up from an SEO perspective. This makes ongoing SEO a crucial solution for eCommerce websites. But it also remains essential for many other domains.

Depending upon the number of new products or services added to the website and their relation to overall targeted keywords, on-page SEO for new pages can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. But pitching this solution opens the door for you to sell an essential white label SEO service required by the respective client’s website.

In turn, you can provide your clients with an essential solution that they need while also making their website ready for the search engines.


2. Monthly Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO comes after on-page SEO and relates to activities that are performed off the respective website or domain. The main objective of off-page SEO is to create a network of strong backlinks that relate the website to the targeted keywords. This enhances the website’s credibility, shows the search engines that it is worthy of their attention, and improves its keyword rankings in the SERPs.

Off-page SEO entails a variety of activities, the most prominent of which include the creation of backlinks through content distribution. These content submissions are made through relevant and credible websites to tell the search engine the importance of your client’s website.

These ongoing off-page SEO activities typically include the following solutions.

  • Content creation.
  • Content submission.
  • Profile creation and management on third-party websites.
  • Backlink acquisition from multiple platforms.
  • Weekly and monthly reporting for keyword rankings and SEO activities.

These solutions come together to provide your clients’ websites with a sturdy, efficient, and reliable network of links that enhances the domain’s overall profile to the search engines. This helps you improve and maintain your clients’ keyword rankings despite their ongoing competition.

Due to this reason, comprehensive off-page activities are considered the lifeblood of SEO services. If you have a new client who wants to improve their keyword rankings, you should pitch both on-page and off-page SEO to them. In case on-page SEO is already done, you can move forward with off-page SEO activities instead.

Off-page SEO activities also provide you with a continuous monthly income in the form of a subscription. This allows you to grow your revenue, scale your business, and obtain new clients while making sure that you have sufficient financial support in place through existing accounts. This makes them an important service to pitch as a reseller of white label SEO services.


3. Targeted Reputation Management Solutions

Sometimes, individuals or businesses may have negative results associated with their name that appear against a regular Google search. These results from the depths of the internet can be a scathing review, a bad-faith profile, or an unfounded claim against them.

Either way, these negative results can be harmful to someones’ personal or commercial brand. In order to resolve the situation, such clients can turn towards reputation management for specialized SEO.

Reputation management works by the creation of various online profiles, pages, and press that relate to the same keywords that return negative search engine results. The goal of this targeted practice is to enhance the rankings of newly created or existing web pages that speak positively about your client.

The more these positive pages rank up in the SERPs, the higher chances you have of burying the negative result deeper into the search results. This particular process is meticulous, painstaking, and time-consuming. But when it starts showing results, it can outline evident benefits to your clients in terms of their online reputation management.

Typically, reputation management includes the following services.

  • Strategy creation.
  • Profile and pages’ creation.
  • Profile and pages’ optimization.
  • Content ideas and development.
  • Content submission and distribution.
  • Link acquisition through different platforms.
  • Weekly and monthly reports on keyword results and activities.

This set of activities helps your client restore their pristine reputation over the web and also provides you with an ongoing project that is justified in its lengthy duration. Even after you obtain the required results, you can continue pitching maintenance for the online reputation campaign in order to retain your acquired rewards.

This means that reputation management solutions are similar to regular off-page activities at the surface. But whenever you are presenting these white label SEO services to a client, you should keep in mind that reputation management is a more specialized form of SEO.

Since the goal is not only to improve your keyword rankings against targeted keywords, but also to compete with the rankings of negative results, it requires intricate planning and management to pull off.


White Label SEO Audits

4. One-Time Website Audits

Sometimes, your clients may only need someone to look at their website and tell them what they need to do in order to turn around their search engine presence for the better. That is when you can present them with a one-time website audit. This service includes all the on-page assessments but without the actual execution or implementation of the plan.

This means that your analysis is delivered in the form of a comprehensive report that your client can follow through with their team. While your team does prepare all backend elements such as meta details, keyword analysis, and optimized content, the changes are not implemented by your end. Instead, executing your suggestions and uploading the required technical elements then becomes the client’s responsibility.

One-time website audits are helpful whenever you have a client who wants to perform their on-page changes through their in-house development team but with your guidance. Since uploading website elements or executing technical actions is not a requirement, like it is in complete on-page SEO management, this analysis is completed more quickly than typical on-page SEO setup.

Due to this reason, website audits are also considered an alternate service to typical on-page SEO solutions. This makes them an important part of comprehensive SEO services, which are crucial for you to grow your business as a reseller of white label SEO services.

By keeping this in mind, you can entertain a wider audience than your typical website owners who want you to perform their SEO analysis as well as modifications all by yourself.

Instead, you can offer your solutions to website owners who want more administrative control over their property, who have security concerns over sharing access to their website, or who have certain internal policies to follow that restrict you from making relevant website changes.

This flexibility of essentially offering consultancy without any technical implementation also allows you to offer website audits to bigger corporations that have large-scale websites. You can also set the pricing of such big projects to be higher than usual on-page SEO audits. In turn, you can benefit from a number of opportunities through this avenue.

5. Keyword Research

Similar to one-time website audits, standalone keyword research is also a prominent SEO service. This solution is often needed by those website owners who want to produce their own content but still want it to be SEO-friendly. The scope of this keyword research can be as limited as aiding the creation of a few pages or as vast as being the first step to a new SEO campaign.

In other scenarios, keyword research is done to find out additional keyphrases to what your client may already be targeting through their website. In many cases, the goal is to find out long-tail keywords that have less competition but still boast a sufficient number of searches. These approaches allow the respective websites to determine if they can use a diverse set of keywords for their operations.

Standalone keyword research can be done for a number of additional purposes. These include but are not limited to launching a new service with search trends in mind and increasing the website’s organic traffic through higher rankings on multiple keywords. In many cases, your clients may want to make the most out of their fresh blog posts and require them to hold a mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords to improve their visibility.

By collating your keyword findings through meticulous research, detailed data, and precise search trends, you can fulfill these requirements without any issues. This goes a long way towards helping your clients achieve their specific goals in a personalized manner. In turn, this sets your service apart from many other SEO providers, whether they sell white label SEO services or not.


6. Local SEO Solutions

As suggested by their label, local SEO solutions are hyper-focused on enhancing a website’s online presence in a particular area. From populous cities to quaint towns, this service can improve the presence of local businesses in different locations. In turn, they can help your clients promote their on-the-ground solutions and deliver services to local customers.

Local SEO includes on-page setup and off-page services. But these solutions are modified to serve the purpose of marketing a business’ presence in local areas. This often translates to targeting locally-optimized keywords that have the respective location names integrated with them, creating business profiles that cater to the respective areas, as well as populating the website with location references and dedicated pages.

These solutions also create and optimize profiles on portals such as Google Maps, which helps in location-based as well as “near me” keywords, especially for mobile searches. As a result, your clients can easily boost their visibility to local audiences through the most popular search avenues.

Local SEO services require a dedicated focus on geolocation optimization on the clients’ website as well as their related social media profiles. This commitment also transcends to other names, addresses, and phone number (NAP) profiles that boost the relation of the domain to the respective area.

When you are selling these services through a white label SEO provider, you can rest assured that all these complex needs are met without any compromises. As a result, you can pitch these on-page and off-page solutions to any clients who want a more locally-focused approach to their online presence.


holistic marketing diagram being drawn

7. Content Development and Marketing

Content development may seem like a different solution from SEO. But it is highly related to strong SEO services. Since the search engines prefer relevant, engaging, and informative content just as much as human users need it, it plays a critical role in the foundation of all types of SEO solutions.

Even when certain website owners may have in-house content writing teams, they may not be aware of the intricacies of creating keyword-optimized content. This means that even when the content is developed to appeal to human users, it may fail to strike a chord with search engines. In order for the written copy to contribute to the respective website’s online presence, it needs to strike the perfect balance between catering to human users and search engines alike.

Keeping this in mind, you can pitch this service to all types of clients who want to create keyword-optimized content for their website, blogs, social media platforms, or other marketing avenues such as online brochures. This makes sure that they can get the most out of their efforts. If you are also doing their SEO at the time, it also ensures that you are able to reap the full benefits of your ongoing campaign.

Content marketing is an inherent part of this aspect, where your white label SEO services provider strategizes the best possible activities for better engagement and search engine presence. Whether it is about distributing press releases for new services or publishing social media posts during relevant occasions, you can rest assured to present highly beneficial content creation and distribution plans to your clients.

With high quality content, all of these efforts contribute to a stellar online presence for your respective client. When you combine these solutions with other related SEO activities, you can rest assured to obtain impressive results through these campaigns. This also helps you retain clients for ongoing revenue while also delivering consistent results to their desire.

8. Paid Media Management

While not a part of SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can also cater to a better search presence. These campaigns utilize the paid ads mechanism, where your clients directly pay Google or other search engines to trigger their ads on search engine results against certain keywords. In other scenarios, these ads can be displayed to relevant social media audiences based upon their demographics such as age, location, and interests.

If you have a client who needs instant results, traffic, or online presence, you can pitch this service for the creation, management, and monitoring of these paid ad campaigns. These paid campaigns can be executed right alongside your SEO efforts, which provides your clients with immediate benefits from PPC and long-term advantages through SEO.

PPC campaigns require sufficient spend on ad revenue, which is something that you need to keep in mind before you pitch the solution to your clients. But as long as you have a seasoned team to manage these services as a part of comprehensive white label SEO services, you can rest assured to deliver the required results without any issues.

All of these solutions bring something important to the table to enhance the online presence of practically any type of website or online property. By having a discussion with your white label SEO provider, you can easily design a suite of services that you can offer to your clients with the utmost confidence.

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