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Tools to Help You Supercharge Your Client’s SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is currently a major buzzword within marketing departments of companies in a variety of industries. It seems that everyone is talking about SEO, its capabilities, and what it can do to drive search engine results that ultimately lead to higher conversion rates. But what is SEO really, and how do […]

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The Importance of Image Alt Tags

Alt tags, or alt text, is the descriptive data included with website images. Alt tags allow visitors to know what will appear before an image is displayed. Years ago, not all computers were able to display images, so alt tags were invented. Rather than use an image, web designers included some type of defining text. […]

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What to Look for in a White Label Partner

The term “white label,” comes from the old vinyl records that were sent to radio stations, nightclubs and DJs, before being released to the public. These pre-released albums were packaged in a white “generic” sleeve in hopes the receiver would play the record and, in a subtle way, the market would then be tested as to […]

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SEO in 2017: What’s Changed?

Changes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are about as commonplace as changing lanes on the freeway: the movement is fast, frequent and necessary to get us where we need to go. The latest changes in SEO for 2017 are interesting and exciting in their effort to enhance the internet-user experience. Consider these changes in SEO: […]

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