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XML Schema vs. JSON Schema: What to Use?

JSON schema or XML? What to use? Which one is faster? Which of the two is the best for my project? Well according to experts, they both are effective tools to use for your project. What most people do not understand is that both of them are not comparable, and their variance is as wide […]

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You’re Running Out of Time to Secure Your Website: Are You Ready?

As of October 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will begin showing a security warning to your site’s visitors when they enter text on a page form that happens to be on a page with HTTP. The warning will also appear on all HTTP pages browsed in Incognito Mode. This can, and most likely will have a […]

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What We’ve Learned After One Year: Google Penguin

Every single year, Google updates its search algorithm, this is done around 500-600 times. However, most of these changes are usually minor, but sometimes, Google rolls out major algorithm updates, such as the Google Panda or Penguin. Well, whenever businesses and digital marketers hear about a new algorithm update from google, the atmosphere becomes intense […]

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The Best Ranking Trackers

Most SEO professionals and bloggers are still not aware of the importance of checking their keyword ranking for target keywords. A common mistake made by both bloggers and webmasters is writing and publishing articles without targeting any keywords. To be able to complete this task, bloggers and SEO professionals will require Keyword Rank Tracker Tools. […]

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