“I spoke with (my team) a few minutes ago and they asked me to tell you how happy and impressed they are with what you are doing. Our Google My Business listing is #3 on all of the searches they conduct.” – White Label Client – Dec 8th, 2015


“Thank you for working so hard on the 404 errors on my site.  Please see the attached Moz report.  You got them down from hundreds of errors to less than 30!  I have nearly 20 years experience working in the field and know what a difficult (and tedious) task it is to accomplish this.  Thank you so much for your diligence and patience.  You are true professionals and I’m so glad that I found your company.” – Mike – www.permitplace.com – Nov 30th, 2015


“Thank you for having Reggie be my account manager.  He is great to work with and thank you for that.  I would like to send your staff something for Christmas to let them know how much I appreciate them (and you!).  But, I don’t know how many people work with you or what they might enjoy.  Could you give me an idea of something I could send before Christmas?  A “group gift” is hard when you’ve never met anyone!” – Current Client Since 2012 – Nov 18th, 2015


“Hi Anna,
I wanted to thank you for helping me improve our websites. The sites are in good shape right now thanks to you. I’ll be reaching out to you in the future for some more help when needed. I will work on building out our sites as you you were recommending. Hope you had a great vacation”. – Eric – Client who has left because he is ranking well for everything he wanted – Nov 12th, 2015


“You’re my team. I’m confident my web team has never been better and you’re a big part of that.” – Scott – October 22nd, 2015


“Thanks Justine! You have done an excellent job, I can’t thank you enough for how easy you have made this process, I can only hope my future account manager(s) is as good as you have been.” – Current Client – Sept 22nd, 2015