We Help Businesses Expand Their Digital Footprint and Increase Revenue Using Mathematically Proven Strategy and Tactics

  • Are you so busy running your business, you don’t have the time to market yourself?
  • Have the number and quality of leads coming in started to feel stale?
  • Do you want to increase your revenue while maintaining a great level of service?


Digital marketing is not the type of business where you can rest on your laurels. If you’re at all familiar with Google’s regular updates, you’d know that the only way to succeed in this game is to stay on top of trends, rumors, and implementation. We’ve been in this business for a long time, and we’ve seen a lot of changes, all for the improved experience of the end user.


51Blocks is here to help businesses grow to their full potential. We work directly with entrepreneurs and owners across many different industries in the United States. We also specialize in working with other digital agencies in the form of white label marketing partnerships to help with strategy and fulfillment.


We know that running your business and marketing your business are two very different full-time jobs. We understand the struggle business owners go through delivering top-tier service to their customers while trying to scale and grow the business as well.


We’ve built a system for acquiring new leads based on math. We create our strategy for each client based on a number of factors including heavy keyword research, competitive analysis, and the creation of great, unique content that your customers won’t be able to stop themselves from sharing. Our results speak for themselves.

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Midwestern Roots, Full Transparency, Proven Results

51Blocks was started by our very own Michael Borgelt back in 2009 when he was living in Portland, Oregon. As with most startups, he was operating out of his home with a single client in his stable. Initially, the company was a way to supplement his income while Michael pursued his passion of officiating basketball. Eventually, Michael realized that his true passion was in helping businesses grow and he put all of his efforts into 51Blocks. Shortly after this decision, he hired his first contractor and that’s where things really took off.


In 2012 Michael moved back to Denver, hired two more employees and started working out of his garage. The business boomed and soon two employees became seven. Wouldn’t you know it, the 400 square foot wasn’t cutting it and they moved into an actual office. After trying out a few different office solutions, he realized that going completely remote would allow 51Blocks to grow much faster with a far wider talent pool to choose from. This strategy has been massively successful, and 51Blocks now employs highly skilled Account Managers from all over the country.

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Integrity and transparency are hard to come by these days. That’s why we’re completely transparent with our work and don’t require contracts. When we agree to work with someone, our singular goal is to help grow their business. This is where Michael’s Minnesota roots really start to shine through. We want people to want to work with us, which is why the only “contract” you’ll ever have with 51Blocks is a handshake. Off the bat, we provide our new clients with a 90-day roadmap to show exactly what we’ll be doing to help their business over the next few months. We provide detailed monthly reporting complete with analytics, task lists, and insights so you know exactly where each of your marketing dollars is going.


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