Digital Marketing for Epoxy Flooring Specialists

As a specialist in the industry, you are well aware of how versatile and durable epoxy flooring is for both homeowners and business owners. It can be used over almost any other type of flooring that has already been installed like concrete, and it can be designed and colored to match the personal aesthetic of any interior designer or DIYer. What you also understand is that contractors in your business are all vying for the attention of the potential clients in your area, and it is critical that you have a way to stand out from amongst the competition and demonstrate to potential customers as well as search engines why your business should get the recognition and attention before any other company.

At 51Blocks, our internet marketing specialists understand the need for getting an advantage over the competition. That’s why we have worked so diligently to learn and perfect the tried and true digital marketing techniques that we know are the most effective at getting the online visibility and attention that every epoxy flooring and general contractor wants. We have also created a unique system for integrating these techniques and using new and innovative processes to further our clients’ ability to attract new clients, drive traffic to their websites, and increase conversions.

Digital Marketing for Epoxy Flooring Experts

Marketing and advertising is not like it used to be in decades of the past. It is no longer enough to advertise in the local newspaper or make the investment in a billboard. People are looking for products and services online, so the providers of these goods and services need to also have an online presence. Only a decade or so ago, having a website was quite impressive, and a website that was easily navigable truly set you apart. In today’s digital age, that simply isn’t going to cut it.

An epoxy flooring company such as yours needs to stand apart from the competition, and the best way to do that is by having a website which ranks higher than your competitors on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The algorithm used by search engines to determine page ranking has become extremely complex and is a true challenge to stay updated with, even for the experts. There are numerous factors that are taken into account during the crawling and ranking process, and our digital marketing team has the experience and up-to-date knowledge of these factors to provide our clients with the ranking and online visibility necessary to impress potential clients looking for your epoxy flooring services. 

51Blocks is proud to provide the following digital marketing services for our clients to help them gain online visibility, drive traffic, and increase conversions: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, website design and development, reputation management, and social media marketing/management. Let experts in our field help you as an expert in yours!

Why Your Epoxy Flooring Company Needs Digital Marketing Services

When it comes to the digital world, standing apart from the competition can be a true challenge, especially when the epoxy flooring service providers in your area all appear to be equally as talented and knowledgeable to the average consumer looking to hire you. What can make the difference between a potential client contacting you or contacting your competitor is your online presence. Digital marketing is far more than simply plastering your name everywhere and hoping it stays in a person’s mind. That’s more like the “throwing spaghetti against a wall and seeing what sticks” method. It doesn’t really work.

The internet marketing and advertising experts at 51Blocks have a far more sophisticated method of getting your name in the households and businesses who need your services. We use advanced marketing techniques that impress both human clients and digital search engines. That is a tricky challenge! Content that can be gripping to a person may not give much to the search engine’s algorithm, so it is important that your website and the rest of your web presence considers both audiences. 

For example, a review on Google is very helpful for the potential client looking for the details of an honest experience with a company. It is also very useful for the client if the company responds to the review, regardless of its positivity or negativity. Search engines (like Google) are also impressed by reviews, but they care less about the content and much more about the frequency of the posts and the fact that you do respond. Reviews can provide value on two fronts, but you need to monitor them and request feedback in order to stay impressive. 

Get More Epoxy Flooring Projects Now!

In order for digital marketing to be effective for your epoxy flooring company and for you to get more clients contacting you, the process needs to be consistent and constant. Some business owners may be able to handle the initial portions of the marketing strategy, but work often becomes overwhelming. Your clients, obviously, come first, and your website will fall to the backburner. This can be detrimental to your online presence as well as your bottom line. This is why hiring a digital marketing company like 51Blocks can help ease your stress about maintaining your online presence and keeping up with your work.

51Blocks has the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide your epoxy flooring business with the marketing and advertising strategy and maintain your online presence to help ensure the success of your business. If you are ready to outrank the competition and get more potential clients contacting you, call 51Blocks. 

We are happy to discuss all of the pages on your site, figure out what is most necessary for the continued success of your epoxy flooring business, and start on the development of your site to get you more flooring projects. Our team can’t wait to help you rank higher than your competition and bring more potential clients to your website with our advanced internet marketing techniques. Message us today for more information!

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Brittany Filori
Brittany Filori

Brittany is an accomplished COO & current CEO of 51Blocks who has written 3 digital marketing books including White Label Digital Marketing: How to Effectively Scale Your Agency for Time & Financial Freedom. Brittany is an expert on how agency owners can remove themselves from the day-to-day operations and focus on selling to scale. She helped create The Just Sell Method™ which has helped 300+ partners grow their book of clients and become more profitable with their own digital marketing agency. Brittany is passionate about leadership, operations, and agency growth.

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