How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your White Label Partner

Evaluating Your White Label Partner

White label partnerships are beneficial for many businesses who need to provide custom solutions to fit their clients’ needs. Working with a company that already has fully-developed products and services helps you to focus on other areas of your business, such as providing excellent customer service, marketing, and generating new leads, which allows you to expand your business. Your white label partner gains benefits as well, such as the time and money to focus on developing new, more robust services and improving upon existing services. But what sort of partner should you work with? You should take the time to research and choose the right partner. Not all white label marketing companies are created equal. Here’s your guide to evaluating your white label partner’s performance.


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Why the Right White Label Partner is Important for Your Business

A white label partner can be extremely beneficial for improving and growing your business, allowing you to offer top-notch customer care for your clients. But you need to make sure you partner with the right company. Choosing the right one can help you grow, while choosing the wrong one can impact you negatively.

Your partner should be very trustworthy. You are trusting them with solutions to your clients’ problems. They may also be providing customer support to your clients, so you are also trusting your clients’ satisfaction to their ability to provide adequate customer service. If you find their service lacking or seem to only get excuses from them, you should reconsider working with them. You should especially listen to complaints from your clients about the service they have received.

Your partner’s products and services should be high-quality. They should have lots of positive reviews about the performance of the service itself. Your own clients should also have good things to say about how the service solved their problem. Offering a high-quality product or service improves your relationship with your clients, but a low-quality product or service can cost you clients.

You and your partner should have similar goals and vision. The most obvious goal should be the satisfaction of your clients. But there could be other goals relevant to your industry that you can both agree on. Contrasting goals can get in the way of the partnership.

Your own company should have organized processes in place to serve your clients, but so should your partner. If they are disorganized, it will have an impact on the delivery of services for your clients. Ask about their processes – they should be upfront about it.

You should be able to test the product or service before you start providing it to your clients. You don’t want to find out about problems from your clients’ complaints. Test it for yourself first. A good partner will be happy to allow you to test it because they stand behind their service.


Metrics to Measure for SEO White Label Partnerships

White label partnerships in the area of SEO have their own metrics that you can measure to evaluate the effectiveness of your partner. They include traffic, engagement, and conversions.

SEO is meant to increase conversions by attracting new traffic from search engines. If you are not seeing a sizable increase in traffic, then the SEO service is not really doing its job. You should consult with your partner to find out what’s gone wrong. If you discover that it’s the service itself that’s gone wrong, reconsider the partnership.

Engagement is another metric you should look at. Engagement tells you whether your content is having an impact. If no one is liking or sharing your content, then you are not reaching anyone. Comments are an especially important aspect to pay attention to. You want people to ask questions, share stories and reviews, and leave other types of comments. If this is not happening, either your content is not striking enough or the SEO service is not putting you in front of enough people.

Obviously, increasing the conversions is the goal. Calculate the rate at which your conversions have increased (or decreased, if that is the case). There are many reasons why conversions might decrease or remain stagnant, but it’s worth exploring whether the SEO service might be to blame.


Work With a White Label Partner Who Will Put Your Needs First

The right white label marketing company can help your business grow and make your clients happier, while the wrong one can cause you to lose clients and revenue. 51Blocks puts your needs first at all times. We offer custom SEO reports and a reporting solution that includes figures for traffic, rankings, leads, lifetime values of customers, and returns on ad spending. We are reliable and consistent. We will provide custom solutions for any issue you and your clients may be facing. Contact 51Blocks today for a consultation for your white label marketing needs.

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