Internet Marketing for Concrete Contractors

As a concrete contractor, you already know how competitive the industry is when it comes to winning the bid for projects, both commercial and residential. Any edge that you can get over the competition is critical, and one of the best advantages you can invest in is a solid internet marketing campaign. There are many different aspects of an internet marketing campaign that need to be considered to ensure its success, and it is definitely unlikely that most concrete contractors have the time or energy to dedicate to their online presence, including website maintenance.

Internet Marketing for Concrete Contractors

At 51Blocks, our internet marketing specialists for the concrete contracting industry can work to ensure that your concrete company is able to get the edge on your competition. Almost every business has a website in today’s world of technology, so it is more important than ever that your concrete company website stands out online from your concrete competitors. We know how important it is that you not only get attention from potential customers but also get contacted by those clients. That is why we will put our concrete marketing skills to work for you and help you get the attention from customers in your area. 

What Does Internet Marketing Include?

Internet marketing goes far beyond the typical marketing and advertising techniques of the past when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) did not exist or the internet was in its infancy so most marketing was still more analog style. Rather than investing in billboards, newspapers, and local TV commercials, the trends of technology have provided a more digital outlet for advertising. Grabbing the attention of your potential concrete customers is a matter of online marketing techniques that are continuously being worked on and perfected by SEO experts such as ours at 51Blocks. We offer the following services for concrete contracting businesses such as yours:

Search Engine Optimization for Concrete Contractors

Search Engine Optimization involves various many different behind the scenes procedures and will help drive traffic to your site and then convert visitors into clients. These include web design and development, analytics, lead generation, blog writing, and so much more to assist your company in ranking higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

The experts at 51Blocks also specialize in local SEO which allows you to rank higher than your competition at the local level. Rather than receiving calls or email from people who are outside of your reach, local clients will find the pages on your site they need and contact you via your preferred contact method such as email or a contact form. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Concrete Contractors

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a way for concrete contractors like you to get your brand and name in front of potential clients while your SEO campaign is being completed and finalized. Your ad will appear in the sponsored section of the SERPs above the organic search results. When people who are looking for your service see the ad, they will click on it, you pay a set fee for that click, and they are sent to a predetermined landing page on your site. PPC is not a long-term advertising solution, but it is great in the short-term for brand recognition and quick advertising.

Web Design and Development for Concrete Contractors

A website is far more than simply listing your name and the services you provide for your potential concrete clients. When you want to win the project bids that will get you recognition, your website needs to be able to compete in the highly developed digital world. In the past, simply having a website was enough to be impressive. Such is not the case anymore. The design and development of the website needs to build on the foundation of other marketing methods and the expertise of professional developers.

Reputation Management for Concrete Contractors

When you get reviews for your concrete contracting business, you need to respond to both positive and negative reviews to demonstrate your level of concern for the satisfaction of your concrete customers and the service you provide. It takes time and skill to properly respond to these reviews, especially if there are negative reviews. At 51Blocks, we can manage your online reputation effectively and make sure that all reviews get the attention they deserve so that your clients know that you care about them long after the job has been completed. 

Social Media Management for Concrete Contractors

Both individuals and businesses tend to have social media accounts from outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more. Not only are these platforms able to connect people and businesses to one another, they also provide a means for businesses to advertise to all potential customers. Clients can get to know who you are more personally and see what makes your concrete contracting company unique compared to the others.

Find More Concrete Contracting Projects

If you are a concrete contractor and are interested in optimizing your company’s web presence, schedule a free discovery call with 51Blocks. We are happy to discuss all of the pages on your site, figure out what is most necessary for the continued success of your contracting business, and start on the development of your site to get you more concrete projects. We can’t wait to help you get more concrete contracting projects through our tried and true internet marketing techniques. Message us today for more information!

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