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  • Enter in your estimated amount of actual ad spend per month. This does not include management fees, just the amount you want to spend in Google Adwords each month.
  • Enter the estimated cost per click.
  • Enter the percentage of sales you believe you can close from the phone calls you receive from the ad clicks. Example, if you get 100 calls, and belive you can close 20 new clients, enter 20.
  • What is the initial sales price of your item after one sale. Please do not include the lifetime value of the client.
  • What is the percentage of profit you receive from the sale of one item? For example, if your item sells for $200.00 and your profit is $100.00, enter 50%
  • Results

  • This is the number of clicks you could expect based on your budget divided by your cost per click.
  • This is the estimated number of new clients based on the number of clicks multiplied by your conversion rate.
  • This is your monthly gross revenue based on the sales price times the number of new customers.
  • This is your estimated monthly net profit based on Total sales minus expenses.
  • This is the expected profit per item based on your sales price times your profit percentage.
  • This is the estimated cost of customer acquisition based on your total ad spend divided by the number of new customers.
  • This is the expected profit per initial sale calculated from the profit per item minus the estimated cost per acquisition. This does not account for repeat orders or lifetime customer value.
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