How Healthy is Your Website’s SEO?

“Do I care?  I’m a contractor (a doctor, a baker, etc.).  I have a website. I’m out there. What more do I need?”
Remember the fundamentals:  Why do you have a website? To expand your market, to bring in more customers, to make a better living.  Where do people buy online? From the top of the search engine listings.
No disrespect intended, but the Internet has made us a little lazy.  We don’t want to look through 20 or 30 web pages to find the deal of the day.  If you’re not in the top 5 or 10, you’ve lost the sale. So, don’t give away potential steady customers without a fight!    And, don’t get into the ring without 51Blocks in your corner!


The Secret to Your Success is Our Secret, Too

You didn’t get where you are by providing a product or service, you got there with craftsmanship — by providing quality products or services!  51Blocks got where we are the same way. Those number one search engine result page listings (SERPs, for short) didn’t get there by chance or coincidence or gaming the system.  Websites that carry real presence and authority to compete with and then vanquish their competitors did it through craftsmanship — planned, purposeful enhancements to their online presence.


Think About the EMU

Yes… large, flightless African birds can raise your SERPs:  Evaluate, Modify and Upgrade.  Get a free SEO Audit from 51Blocks and get a full-spectrum review of your webpage’s strengths and weaknesses:  Does the page load fast enough? Is the URL SEO-friendly? Is a keyword found in the title? Are you using exact keywords too many times?  Is your text to HTML ratio too high, too low or just right? Are you social-media connected? How about page links and root domain links?
You, of course, have no idea how to make that happen.  You’re a contractor (a doctor, a baker, etc.); you build, you heal, you make birthday parties worth attending.  We do SEO.

SEO Is About Creating Value

Your SEO Audit evaluation (again, a free service from 51Blocks) will include a checklist of things that we can do to modify and upgrade your website and max your SERPs.  It’s an ever-changing world and an ever-evolving process will help keep you on top.  Do what you do best and let the SEO pros deal with the technicalities.  We’ll create a plan to enhance your online buzz and set you up as the standard which your competitors will chase, but never catch!

What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.