Top 5 Tips for HVAC Marketing in 2023

Top 5 Tips for HVAC Marketing in 2022

HVAC online marketing is incredibly competitive. No company can afford to be left behind, so you can guarantee that your rivals are putting money and thought into their online marketing strategies.

Below you’ll find our five leading tips for home services SEO. Get your company ahead of the game!

1. Know Your Audience

First, you need to consider “who needs my services, and why?” Seems straightforward – almost everyone needs an HVAC service when their HVAC unit is broken or needs maintenance. Perhaps they need a new unit installed or are looking for a more environmentally friendly heating system.

The above paragraph already shows you four broad categories of demand. These represent different segments of your audience.

You can break them down further – who is likely to want a new, top-of-the-range HVAC unit installed? Answer: more affluent homeowners and people who have moved into a new property. Consider the more affluent neighborhoods in your area – you can market this service specifically to those customers. A landing page for those neighborhoods should be optimized for those customers.

Likewise, you could market HVAC services for landlords and apartment buildings more prominently in built-up, downtown areas. Prioritize the fact that you offer quick, affordable repairs.

Everyone may need HVAC services, but people need them for different reasons. Understanding your local area and geo-targeting your website’s landing pages and content is essential. It helps the customer find what they’re looking for more easily and increases the chance they’ll get in touch.

A bit of research and an organized spreadsheet describing your service area is a cost-effective way of getting more from your home services SEO strategy. Discover your audience and help them discover you.

2. Perform In-Depth Keyword Research

Your next priority is to identify which keywords your customers are searching for. Some of these are pretty straightforward; e.g., if you’re an HVAC business in Atlanta, GA, you’ll want to have “HVAC repair in Atlanta, GA” and “HVAC Atlanta” included on your web pages for a start. You can then optimize for smaller neighborhoods that you serve.

You should also include long-tail keywords. These are highly specific keywords with a low volume of searches but a much higher conversion rate. These are absolutely worth including, besides location-specific keywords. If someone searches for these keywords and finds you, they immediately know that you’ve got precisely what they need!

Let’s say that your website notes that you sell and install the Brand Name XX99 SuperDuperCondition™ Variable Speed Air Conditioner. None of your competitors have been so specific – they’ve simply advertised that they “install all types of HVAC systems.” So when your customer’s father-in-law advises them that they can’t do better than this HVAC unit, they’re going to search for it. They’re going to find you. You’ve got a sale.

Again, keyword research can be locally optimized. While Google Trends offers a broad overview of a search term’s popularity, it has limited localization. More advanced services from professional SEO companies can uncover which keywords are most commonly used in specific areas. You can use this information to target your services more effectively and optimize the right pages with appropriate keywords.

3. Optimize Your Website Design

Your site should be attractive and accessible. It doesn’t have to be fancy – it just needs to put your offering front and center so people see that they have what you want.

Your menus should be easy to navigate. Your contact information should be clearly displayed. Strong, regular CTAs should encourage the customer to click through and book your services.

Testing your page’s loading speed is also essential. A slow-loading page guarantees that half your customers won’t make it through the front door. After all, when they hit “back,” Google’s top search results load instantly. So do your competitors’ sites.

You must also optimize your website for mobile. Most people browse using mobile now – if your site loads like it’s from 2015, you’ve lost another huge swathe of customers. You can’t afford this! Get your website up-to-date and make it do the work you’re paying it for.

4. Make Yourself Visible with Citations

Citations help your business get indexed in high-traffic directories. They’re an integral part of any successful home services SEO strategy because they increase the number of places a customer might find your business. It also creates links to your site from highly-trusted sources, which Google appreciates.

Even the most beautifully written, perfectly optimized SEO content doesn’t guarantee you Google’s top spot. There’s more to the search algorithm than this. If you’re not listed in the top few Google search results for HVAC services, make sure you’re listed on every directory that might be in that number.

5. Choose an SEO Partner with a Proven Track Record of Success

The most important part of developing an SEO marketing strategy is working with the right people. Choose a partner with a proven track record of success that can explain to you how they’ll approach your business and optimize its web presence.

You should choose a partner with:

  • Great customer service. Monthly reporting keeps you up-to-date and helps you plan your next move. A responsive customer service team is essential whenever you have questions.
  • A bespoke strategy. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to home services SEO. The best approach will put your brand’s identity at the forefront of all marketing.
  • A focus on results. Your partner should be able to demonstrate how they’ll offer a great ROI when you book their services. This might include case studies, testimonies from past clients, and more.
  • An excellent reputation. SEO marketing is an expert’s job. Ensure that you choose an expert team – ask tough questions and look for an evidence-based approach.

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