Client Success – Veterinarian – 625.8% increase in organic traffic year over year and a 25% increase in calls

Strategic Objective
Increase organic traffic for an animal hospital in South Boston.

Initial Insight
We identified the biggest issue with this client was lack of content strategy, they needed direction on which keywords to target that would help improve organic traffic

We started writing keyword-focused blog posts for them. One of those posts began to get high traffic, so we optimized the structure on the page so it would get Google Answers. It did, and we got even more traffic to that post. We did further keyword research to look for keywords with the highest search volume and found that there was an opportunity for content around “why does my dog…” and “why does my cat…”, for example: why does my dog scratch his face on the ground? We wrote around these topics and added attractive CTAs for both free consultations and scheduling an appointment with more conversions coming from the schedule an appointment CTA. We added that in the middle of the content due to a featured image above the text itself. We continued working that strategy, making sure to follow the Google Answers page structure and started to see increases in traffic.

Our efforts paid off, we saw a 625.8% increase in organic traffic year over year and a 25% increase in calls generated from their listing.

Hello, we wanted to share with you some examples of real world results that we’re getting from our clients. I want to hear that we have is our veterinarian client. And you can see that their traffic starts pretty well. Um, they’re getting 15,000, 14,000 sessions just from organic traffic. Um, we noticed that in this space, the informational blogs were working really well for traffic rankings and links. So what we did is we leverage that and doubled down on our informational posts. And you can see traffic growing pretty consistently and pretty precipitously here. So this is just one of the improvements that we’ve made for one of our many clients, just to, with you a little bit of an insight of what we can do for you.

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Michael Borgelt
Michael Borgelt

Michael Borgelt is an accomplished entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and published author. As the founder of 51Blocks, he is passionate about showcasing the true value of digital marketing and helping businesses achieve their online goals. Michael is a member of Forbes Council and a published author of "White Label Digital Marketing: How to Effectively Scale Your Agency for Time & Financial Freedom." He has also been featured in several podcasts and news outlets, where he shared his insights on digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Michael is also a former NBA referee which fueled his passion to work hard and achieve your dreams.

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