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51 Blocks is the perfect company to grow your business without adding hours of management overhead. Concrete marketing is a form of business that has various options, allowing different businesses to grow and succeed. With so many people relying on concrete marketing for their construction needs, it’s important to market your business correctly. One of the top ways to do this is through off-page SEO tactics. These are strategies that can provide big returns for your concrete company.

If you own a concrete business, it’s important to have an off-page SEO strategy in place. This can be difficult if you’re not sure where to start or what to do. To help you out, we’ve created this blog post that will provide concrete marketing strategies for your business! You’ll learn about the best practices for SEO and some tips on how to get started.

Let’s look at the off-page SEO best practices and how you can succeed with concrete marketing strategies.

What is Concrete Marketing?

The concrete marketing process is the most important part of any business. It includes off-page SEO, social media, and a website that helps you rank higher in search engines like Google. To learn about concrete marketing campaigns for your business, keep reading!

To be successful with concrete marketing strategies for your company or organization, you need to rank for your local keywords and broader ones.

The Benefits of a Concrete Marketing Strategy

The goal of concrete marketing is to increase your company’s online presence and turn more prospects into clients.

Concrete marketing will help you rank higher on search engines like Google, which means that more customers are likely to find you organically through a quick internet search.

It can be difficult for small businesses or organizations with limited resources to compete against bigger companies if they don’t take concrete marketing seriously.

These benefits all have one thing in common: increased sales! When it comes down to it, this is what any business wants out of their promotion efforts. The points above outline some of the many advantages of implementing an effective concrete marketing plan for your organization.

Tips to Improve Your Concrete Contractor SEO

Poor SEO on your concrete business’s website can be a deciding factor in whether or not it survives against the competition or is found by potential customers. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your company’s search engine ranking and make sure that customers find their way back after seeing other options.

Make your concrete website fast, responsive, and user-friendly.

The future of your business rests on the success or failure of its website. Google has released a new algorithm update that looks at Core Web Vitals, which target a website’s speed and rendering ability, among other factors, to determine whether it will rank highly in search results pages. This is why you need to work with experts who know what they’re doing when redesigning or updating your concrete site to make sure it stays competitive and make navigating easy for customers no matter their location.

Create engaging and informative content for your site

Engaging, informative text can be one of the key factors to increasing viewers while maintaining a loyal following who will find what they are looking for on your site.

Content and strategy have to be in perfect balance, but who really runs the show? For your decorative concrete website to turn more clicks into clients, you need quality content that targets visitors’ intent and search engines. Each page of your site should also provide relevant content because what’s on one web page can affect pages elsewhere down the line through SEO rankings (i.e., spelling mistakes or bad grammar). Finally, ensure each page has information about services or service areas, so all potential customers know where they stand when the time comes to buy from you.

Promote your company’s services and blog posts on social media platforms

People are increasingly turning to social media for their daily news. It is important that your company’s services and blog posts can be found on these platforms, so you’re not missing out on potential customers! If you don’t have an account set up with Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn yet – get them today.

This provides social signals to Google making it easier for content with a lot of shares from real accounts who are local or established in the industry to be seen as trending and popular. The more shares you can get for each piece of content shared by this kind of people, the higher it has chances to rank on Google. One way that really works well when trying this technique is updating posts about new projects going live, describing the concrete services you offer, such as linking them straight through specific pages where they’re available. Hence, followers see exactly how your service could benefit them right away without having any doubt over quality since clear information has already been provided.

Add reviews

Allow potential customers to see what others think of your company by adding customer reviews from those who have used your services.

Reviews show what others think of your service and add social proof about how good it is- people like doing business with other people they know, like & trust! When someone finds you on Google or another site, especially when using search engines such as Yelp or Houzz, these sites go through great lengths to be trusted by internet users who want the most accurate information possible from unbiased sources.

Use high-quality images

Smart contractors know that images are an integral part of any marketing campaign. They can help people understand what you do and why your company is different from others in the same industry while giving them a sense of how much they might trust you with their project. We recommend taking job pictures with your smartphone, Geo-tagging these photos. Hence, clients feel like the work looks real, then using those on Blogs, Social Media posts for Google My Businesses, and building up trust through social media channels by leveraging Facebook Ads or Instagram sponsored ads.

Update your contact list

Don’t let your business go unrepresented just because you don’t update contact information. Make sure to keep all NAPW info up-to-date so people can find out what they’re looking for when it comes to project needs. In addition, your contact information plays an important role in increasing geographic relevancy when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You can use your contact information to boost the geographical relevance of your business. This includes displaying Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website on other website directories and in a footer link leading to Google My Business listing. A failed attempt at being relevant is worse than not really trying; be sure you are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Claim ownership of your concrete business

Claim your concrete business brand online to stand out from the competition. Websites like KnowEm, help you see which social media and web 2.0 accounts are available to claim with your company name, so don’t wait! When claiming a username for all of these sites, you must use what is most recognizable about yourself and add some information on where or who they serve so they do not get confused when people search for those details later down the road.

51 Blocks offers a suite of services to help you scale your agency. With our strategic, execution and digital marketing expertise, we guide clients from the start so that they are always on target with their goals. From logos & branding to SEO strategy and social media management – We’re here for all of it! What’s more is because 51 Blocks provides a complete white-labeled fulfillment service under your brand name through shared inboxes, scaling up doesn’t have an effect on people or process management either!

How to Create a Concrete Marketing Strategy

A concrete marketing strategy can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. It’s really about determining what level of involvement with the internet that your business would like to attract customers online, leading them back into your physical storefront. A few considerations are:

  • What type of website do I need for my company (eCommerce, informational, etc.)?
  • Do I have an existing site, and if so, how does SEO affect this site?
  • How might social media help me reach new prospects and connect more deeply with current ones?
  • What other digital tools should we use to boost our effortless success (Google Analytics, MailChimp, Hootsuite, etc.)?

Steps for implementing your plan, including tips and tricks

The concrete marketing strategy that works best for you is different from what may work best for another company. The key to success is finding what fits your needs and then implementing it to fit your business.

Use these tips to navigate the way and find concrete marketing success.

-URL Parameters – This is when someone links out to your website but uses an anchor (text) that includes your keyword.

-Install Google Webmaster Tools – This is a free service that will allow you to submit your site for indexing and get valuable information about how the search engine views your website.

-Set up Google Analytics – You’ll want this for your website so you can track visitor traffic, conversion rates (new leads), bounce rates, etc.

-Anchors in Posts – You can add text with a hyperlink as long as there are spaces before and after.

-Email Marketing: A company should have their email addresses listed, so customers know where they’re located if they need help with anything. They may also want to make sure that their blog is updated regularly as well

-Social Media – Find groups for concrete marketing relevant to what you sell and join them. Share content onto these pages from time to time but don’t spam.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate goal of any business is customer acquisition. Without them, there would be no reason to continue operating a business because every company needs money to operate on a day-by-day basis. This means that one way companies can acquire new customers is through SEO – Search Engine Optimization. The more visitors that come from search engine listings, the better!

The era of the one-person agency is over. Thankfully, 51 Blocks has you covered with their complete white-labeled fulfillment that will help grow your business without adding any more stress to managing people and process management.

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