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There’s no real way to determine what the best WordPress plugins are, you can only determine what’s most important to you and the goals you’re trying to accomplish. For us, the best WordPress plugins make the SEO game a little easier, while providing useful sight. These are our favorite plugins at 51Blocks.


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The original SEO plugin, and nearly ten years old, Yoast helps you with sie mapping and avoiding penalties from Google, all while aiming for the number one spot in the search results. This plugin is also prime for ensuring that your keywords are inlign with your content, so you’re not providing visitors with the wrong information and increasing your bounce rate. Yoast allows you to focus on content and visitors.



Even if you think you know how to use Google Analytics, MonsterInsights is going to simplify data and give you concise answers. Why are visitors coming to your site? What are they checking out while they’re there? You need hard answers, and MonsterInsights provides you with a boiled-down version of your data. It tracks ecommerce sales, ads, links, and a bunch more, making it an indispensable part of our arsenal.



This all comes down to the mechanics of your site. Autoptimize increases your site performance, making your pages (potentially) load faster and give your viewers what they want right off the bat. As they explain, it’s not a cure-all, but it can greatly impact your site’s ability to retain visitors. The fantastic thing about this is the ability to custom tailor your API to coincide with your needs, so you aren’t navigating around a bunch of options that you have no use for.


51Blocks JSON Schema Generator

A schema is a code that you inject into your webpage (without having to make it visible to the public with our handy plugin) that gives rich snippets of information to users searching in Google. If you’ve ever noticed a really useful snippet in your Google search results, that’s the result of fantastic schema code. It doesn’t just display text; it tells the search engine what your text means, making it work as an extension of said search engine, allowing users to find you easier. Writing schema code can be time-consuming unless you’re using our plugin.


WordPress is as Powerful as Your Plugins

WordPress is fantastic, but your plugins are the bread and butter. We use a mixture of various plugins to check, balance, and optimize absolutely everything. The best WordPress plugins contour to your goals, and in our case, it’s providing you with SEO results like no other.

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Brittany Filori
Brittany Filori

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