Local Search Update to Service Area Businesses

This week, we noticed a couple of changes on how Google is displaying Service Area Businesses. Google is now showing what areas the business serves directly in the map preview on the right side of the page. Now, the service area a business chooses to put on their listing will be visible to users. This will help companies specify what places they serve. There are two ways to set up a service area on your listing. The first is to specify a radius from your location which you serve, the other  is to specify zip codes that your business serves. This update applies to both ways to set up a service area on your listing. Below is a screenshot of a service radius listing:


This updates also applies to businesses that specify the zip codes in which they serve:11-7-2013 8-36-54 AM

This change may not be noticed by many users, but it is a clear sign that Google continues to update how they display Google listings in the pack, and how service area businesses are treated.

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