The Importance of Local SEO

Quick- what do you do when you are searching for a type of business in your area but you aren’t familiar with any specific company names? If you said, “look in the Yellow Pages,” congratulations on your successful time travel adventure from the year 1955! For the rest of us, the answer is probably performing a keyword search on an internet search engine such as Google. But how do you get your business at the top of that search results page if there are multiple companies in your immediate vicinity that are performing the exact same services or selling the exact same products? The answer- local search engine optimization, commonly referred to as local SEO.

For example, let’s say you’re a plumber.
Unless you happen to live in Mushroom Kingdom and have only your brother to compete with, you are likely one of about 50 plumbers within a 25-mile radius, if not more. Unless you are at the top of that results page, you will be buried on the second or even third page of search results, which significantly lowers the chances of a consumer visiting your website and calling you to schedule plumbing services, because- let’s face it- when you are face-to-face with an overflowing toilet, you don’t exactly have time to review your options. This is where local SEO comes in. By optimizing your website to boost your search results and give you increased web visibility, local SEO strategies can help you effectively reach your target audience. 51Blocks can do just that for your business, and more!

Increase Your Local Search Visibility and Your Overall Web Visibility:

Every day, millions of consumers are searching for local SEO services with the intention of making a purchase. Of these consumers, 59% use Google to find a local business that is trustworthy enough for them decide to buy a product or service. Since 61% of mobile searches for local businesses result in a local purchase, these consumers are quite possibly your most valuable marketing target. 51Blocks has the ability to get your business to the forefront of the local Google search results page and draw consumers to your company by optimizing your website for keyword results, staying on top of the latest local search trends, and performing all of the other heavy lifting that comes with making sure your business’s web visibility is effective and long-lasting.

Local SEO From 51Blocks

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