What is a 301 Redirect?

Plainly put, a 301 redirect is a permanent diversion from one domain name or URL to another for both visitors and search engines alike. A company may utilize a redirect for moving all content over to a new domain name of changing the URL for a site’s pages. By a company enacting a 301 redirect, it will ensure that a site’s past visitors and SEO recognition passes through to its new destination.

Let’s take a closer look as to why you would want to setup a 301 redirect perfectly timed with the launch of your new URL or domain name:

    1. SEO value: If you are changing your URL or domain because it’s not performing as expected, you may wonder why a 301 redirect is necessary. In the cases of a transfer to a new domain name, you may even believe that it’s better to simply shut the old one down to cut costs. Truth is, there is no way to predict how your new destination (domain or URL) will be ranked at the onset, so it’s best not to let your past ranking and SEO work wash down the drain. Why carve out a new URL with no clout when it can instantly benefit from your old one? Additionally, it may take time for the search engine to log and crawl your new destination, so your site needs to retain its prior ranking to stay afloat in search results.
    1. Visitors and customers: Even the least visited websites have a visitor stumbling across its pages here and there. Don’t give that traffic, however small, to a new entrepreneur that snaps up your closed-down destination. Be certain that your visitors and customers know where to find you. Moreover, do not underestimate the impact of those stacks of business cards you passed out with the old URL on them.
    1. External links: There may be external links going to your domain name or URL for which you need that link juice to keep flowing. A 301 redirect will save you the time of locating those external links and requesting changes from the site’s owner/webmaster.

Considering a domain name change or URL? Contact us today to ensure you are taking the right steps to protect your past investment. 51 Blocks is expertly staffed and fully prepared to execute your 301 redirect with ease.


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Brittany Filori
Brittany Filori

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