How Often is My Site Indexed?

Site indexing is when a search engine reviews your website to adjust how and where it’s ranking within search results. The complete collection of factors that determine the frequency with which indexing will occur is somewhat a mystery to the online world. However, there a few prevalent instances that are most likely to prompt a thorough indexing of your website when it occurs.

4 Strategies Related Site Indexing

  1. Internal links: In a previous article, we discussed the necessity of having easily navigable internal links. This is especially important for when a search engine seeks to access your site for the purpose of ranking. Your site must have clear pathways (internal links) from one page and destination to the next to promote a comprehensive indexing of your site.
  2. Site Speed: Similar to internal links, your website’s site speed will impact whether a search engine will crawl your site for indexing. If your site speed is too slow leading to longer page loading times, the search engine will forgo indexing it. To learn more ways in which site speed impacts your website, read our article on whether site speed matters.
  3. New content: Search engines are alerted when you post new content. The frequency with which your site will be reviewed based on this factor alone is up for debate depending on which search engine is being considered. One thing is clear: if you want your site indexed, load new content. Yet, be sure that your new submissions are relevant to your website to avoid a downgrade in ranking.
  4. New Site: It’s a fact that search engines will index brand new websites, which is why it’s advisable to have compelling content and hierarchal internal links upon launch. If you are concerned about your current website’s ranking, we suggest an overhaul of your site, not to shut down it for under-performance and reopen under another domain name.
  5. Website information: To prompt an indexing of your site, you may want to consider modifying your title tags, meta tags and page URLs and visiting Google’s Webmaster Tools. If you are unsure as to how these changes can be made, 51 Blocks is eager to assist you with optimizing your website.

If you are looking for additional avenues to heighten the chances of your site being re-indexed, contact us today and allow the 51 Block’s team the opportunity to fully explain how we can get your website back on track for success.


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Brittany Filori

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