What Is White Label SEO, and How to Sell White Label SEO Reseller Services

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Many experts today exist on search engine optimization (SEO) since it has gained prominence over the last few years. You will come across blogs and articles that articulate it to the last detail. White label SEO is a hybrid of the two concepts and is fast becoming a household name in the digital world.

However, it is not as popular as one would expect and as a result, many agencies and companies are oblivious of the many benefits associated with white label SEO services.

Therefore, if you are a public relations, digital or creative firm/agency that is unfamiliar with SEO or White Label SEO as a service, you have come to the right place.

By the time you are through with this article, we hope to have equipped you with answers to popular questions such as:

  • What is White Label SEO?
  • Is White Labelling Legal?
  • What are White Label Sites?
  • What is White Label Web Design?
  • What are the Typical Functions of White Label SEO?
  • What do you gain by Embarking on White Labelling SEO?
  • How do You Choose the Best White Label SEO Partner and What Should You Expect from Them?
  • How to Choose the Best White Label SEO Provider for your Firm

What is White Label SEO?

As explained above, White Label SEO combines the concepts of white labeling with those of search engine optimization SEO. White labeling entails giving the use of one’s brand to a company that produces certain services.

SEO on the other hand entails making certain changes in your website and the content to increase organic visibility and rank in search engines. White label SEO, Private Label SEO, or SEO Reselling as it is commonly known entails one company selling or offering SEO services to its clients using its brand but having outsourced all the work to another SEO agency.

Currently, 51 Blocks is the most renowned white label SEO company, with its services proven and the number of return customers increasing by the day.

White Label SEO

Is White Labeling Legal?

White labeling has revolutionized how entities provide digital marketing services but is it legal? Yes, it is.

White labeling requires the participating entities to sign a legal contract. This contract is known as a White Label License Agreement, and its underlying purpose is to monitor the relationship between the entity providing white label SEO services and the entity selling or marketing those services.

Amongst other things, this contract specifies service warranties, duties, and rights of agencies involved in the agreement, intellectual property rights, and profit-sharing among entities. It also includes a termination clause, confidentiality clause, and limitation of liability clause.

As such, a White Label License Agreement can be likened to any other contract: it seeks to govern the relationship between involved agencies and mitigate possible legal risks and liabilities that may arise.

What are White Label Sites?

A white label website is a website whose construction is done by a third party, same as when singers perform songs written for them by other artists; for example, Beyonce sang “Pretty Hurts,” which was written by Sia.  A white label website follows the same strategy.

It is a website that is constructed by a third party for another firm or designer, who, in turn, makes the website’s services available to clients and ensures that the services meet the client’s needs. The designer responsible for constructing the white label website builds the website according to the company’s or client’s specifications, ensuring that the middle company’s or client’s branding, color choices, or preferred fonts are on the website, making it appear as though the middle company or client built the website.

What is White Label Web Design?

White label web design can be likened to a blank canvas. There is no mission statement, design, logo, or branding attached; therefore, you can add the branding of your choice. White label web design is when a company builds a website and does not attach its name to it so that another company can attach its name instead.

Below is an example:

Let us say that your client, Pie in the Sky, wants a website, search engine optimization, and social media marketing for her newly opened bakery. You contact us, tell us what you want and need, and book a consultation. We build a Pie in the Sky website for you, and you pay us. Then, you stamp your company’s name on the website and sell it to Pie in the Sky for the price you both initially agreed on.

As our SEO team works on an effective strategy, using the latest SEO software, you spend your time engaging in activities you enjoy, and you can even get a month’s supply of free pie out of the deal. We never attach our name to the website, which means that you can access and edit the site and deliver high-quality SEO under your brand.

What are the Typical Functions of White Label SEO?


1.  Maintaining Positive Client Relationships and Account Management

White label SEO has numerous functions. Let us look at these functions and how they can benefit your agency.

At times, when a company decides to work with a marketing agency, your business will handle all tasks related to account management and direct interaction with clients.

Your white label provider, on the other hand, will handle SEO white label deliverables and optimizations, oversee management efforts geared toward fostering positive relationships with clients, provide SEO dashboard reports, and conduct tracking activities.

Other times, client relationships and account management are white labeled, meaning your white label partner will manage your account and participate in activities that involve direct contact or interaction with clients on your behalf. They boost the performance of your business in terms of effectively handling SEO white label defragmentation and promoting e-commerce services across various e-commerce platforms.

This is beneficial for your agency because account management by another entity improves SEO tracking, makes it appear as though it is adept in SEO, improves the overall quality of SEO efforts, strengthens digital marketing efforts, and eliminates the high costs associated with having experts on board to ensure that everything is running smoothly.


2. Encourages Sales

You may have a client that is interested in leveraging SEO as a marketing strategy; however, you may be in a position where you do not have the security to substantiate your proficiency and sell SEO or white label services to them.

Here is where your white label partner comes to your rescue. Your white label partner should provide you with market research, digital marketing strategies, funding decks, and case studies, which should all be branded in your name. When used well, these resources can help you make effective sale pitches, close deals faster, and provide needed SEO solutions.

Actually, if you have an arrangement with your white label partner, they will contact your clients or customers and close sales on your behalf.


3. Essential Services

Before you resort to white label SEO services, you need to determine whether you want a partnership or services only. Typically, a white label SEO Company provides services such as content management or link building; however, it does not provide both.

In some cases, you may find a white label SEO Company that offers a wide range of SEO services and solutions, including digital marketing, technical SEO, campaign insights to better understand clients’ reactions to specific campaigns, monthly reporting, which serves as an essential tool for communicating your ongoing projects and achievement to clients and customers, and strategy.


Differences Between an SEO Reseller and a White Label SEO Partner

As stated earlier, the terms white label SEO and SEO reseller are often used interchangeably; however, the two are separated by various differences.

If your agency chooses to resell SEO services, it will be required to deliver the services that your clients demand from SEO resellers. Such an arrangement does not require a strategy or reporting. Instead, your agency may have to handle technical details such as managing accounts, fostering healthy client relationships, and govern the sales process.

For instance, if you have a client that needs link building and blog content services, you can seek these services from a third party and deliver them to your clients. After receiving these services, your business will decide how to exploit them in a way that enhances your client’s SEO efforts and provide a detailed monthly progress report.

On the other hand, a white label SEO partnership not only provides access to reports on monthly progress but also leverages SEO services for clients and provides support as needed.  Although SEO reseller packages are more cost-effective, agency partners earn more from joining white label programs than from joining an SEO reseller program.

What Do You Gain by Embarking on White Labeling SEO?

White label SEO is an attractive option, especially in today’s world, which resorts to social media to promote business ventures.

So, apart from it being an attractive option, why should your agency stop availing the services of independent SEO consultants, freelancers, or independent contractors and transition to white labeling SEO?

How will white labeling SEO help your business grow, attract clients, or improve the performance of your team?

Well, if you have an existing process that can efficiently handle the amount of work and produce first-rate campaigns, you should stick to in-house solutions.

If not, you should consider availing SEO services from a marketing agency and get to enjoy the numerous benefits it provides, including:


1.   Additional Revenue and No Overhead Expenses

If your company does not currently offer SEO services to your clients and customers, you should partner with a local SEO agency because doing so will increase your company’s revenue. Moreover, since partnering with a white label SEO agency does not require employee training, strategy development, or client solicitation, your overhead may be significantly reduced or completely eliminated.


2. Added Skills, Knowledge, and Dexterity

When you partner with a white label SEO provider, you do not have to go through the daunting process of building your infrastructure from square one. You can also take advantage of the knowledge, experience, skills, and expertise your white label SEO provider possesses and use them to provide the best white label SEO services and solutions to your clients.


3. Opportunities for Growth and Expansion

When you join forces with a white label SEO provider, your success is not only celebrated by you but by your provider as well. The more customers and clients you bring into the agency, the more contented and eager to engage in more business practices your white label SEO partner will be with you.

As such, knowing that you can draw clients into the agency, your white label provider will ensure that you have all the resources needed to optimize technical SEO, generate traffic to your site, make effective pitches, win clients, improve your SEO strategy, and provide the best white label SEO.


4. Agency Growth without Added Costs

Your agency can ramp up its client solicitation, increase sales, and grow in size without having to hire SEO connoisseurs or training new personnel. This, however, depends on your agency’s markup and the recommendations by your white label SEO provider. Additionally, the support your SEO provides helps you grow and break into new markets.


5. Keyword Optimization

As you start your SEO journey, your SEO provider will conduct keyword research to determine which keywords you should target. Keyword research also determines what phrases and words are relevant to your agency and finds ways to include those keywords into your site’s content.

How Do You Choose the Best White Label SEO Partner, and What Should You Expect from Them?

All white label SEO companies have their own SEO philosophies, which is completely normal. Nonetheless, your agency needs to make its own evaluations and determine what works best for it and its clients.

For instance, does your agency keep a record of e-commerce clients, local clients, or both? If so, the discussions with your potential white label provider should prove that they offer white label services to businesses such as yours.


1. SEO Work Plan

If your agency has chosen to white label SEO, you should expect your white label provider to give you a detailed SEO work plan. This work plan should throw light on the SEO strategy, why it was chosen over other strategies, and how it will be implemented.


2. Reporting Dashboard and SEO Tracking

Your agency needs to ensure that it can access white label SEO reports from an SEO reporting dashboard that is updated hourly. It is vitally important to have access to an SEO reporting dashboard as it keeps clients updated on their campaigns.

Not only does the dashboard strengthen your brand name, but it also increases the likelihood of having repeat clients. As such, your agency cannot do without a reporting dashboard, which is why it needs to ensure that it can access SEO tracking services as this measures the progress and performance of your campaign.


3. Content Development

A website’s content does not consist only of blogs: it consists of white papers, infographics, polls, slideshows, custom graphics, quizzes, and e-books, just to mention but a few.

In addition to these, you should expect white label SEO companies to be ready to fluff your pages with more content if that can improve search engine visibility.

Even though each local SEO agency has its own deliverables, ensure that you settle on an agency that offers a broad set of options.


4. On-page Optimization

On-page optimization describes the measures you use on your site to help Google better understand your content and facilitate higher rankings on the search results page. On-page optimization consists of various activities ranging from image optimization to internal linking to optimizing H tags, Meta tags, and title tags and creating exceptional content on your site.


5. Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization is among the most crucial components of a successful strategy. Off-page optimization describes the measures taken outside your website to improve its ranking within the search engine results page.

These measures can include getting other blogs or reputable news outlets to mention or feature your content. This, in turn, puts your site at the top of the results page, helps users and search engines gain a better perception of the authority of your site, and facilitates the conversions of users to loyal visitors.

The main way through which your agency can improve its ranking within the search engine results page is through link acquisition, otherwise known as link building. Your agency should resort to link acquisition because it is a strategy that works with the Google algorithm to build your agency’s authority.

Additionally, you should expect your provider to provide link building as this helps your agency earn quality links from reputable sites, links root domains, and points them to your site, which, in turn, results in higher rankings, increases your site’s visibility, and ensures that more users can visit your site.

To achieve higher rankings on Google search results, you can use some of our favorite link building tactics, including:

  • Unlinked Brand Mentions,
  • Digital PR, and
  • Resource Link Building.


How Much Will It Cost You to Get White Label SEO?

Before we get to white label SEO pricing, you should know that SEO is not suitable for all circumstances and pricing reflects this because with SEO services, what you pay for is what you get.

SEO pricing typically follows four models:

1.  Custom pricing,

2.  Project-based SEO Pricing,

3.  Hourly SEO Packages, and

4.  Monthly SEO Packages.


Custom Pricing

Custom pricing involves customizing SEO packages and pricing. We perform an audit for all your clients and determine what each of their websites needs to increase traffic. Additionally, the audit we perform helps us develop an SEO work plan that includes pricing recommendations, a benchmark analysis, a competitor analysis, and recommended strategies.


Project-based SEO Pricing

Project-based pricing is costly because it often is a deal that is made or carried out once. As such, project pricing can range from $1000 to $50,000, depending on the project time and project deliverables.


Hourly SEO Packages

Hourly SEO packages are popular among consultants and freelancers because they are more budget-friendly compared to custom pricing and project-based pricing. Agencies that offer hourly SEO packages set the pricing at $75 to $150 per hour, but it can go above $150, although it rarely happens.


Monthly SEO packages

By far, monthly SEO packages are the most popular pricing models offered by SEO agencies, and their popularity can be attributed to their budget-friendly pricing. This model works on a monthly basis and can cost between $500 and $5,000.


What You Should Consider before Choosing a White Label SEO


1. Transparency and Communication

Your white label provider should be transparent about its SEO campaigns, services, pricing, and white label SEO reports. It should also communicate expectations clearly by stating what it wants from your agency, stating the SEO strategy and audit process it intends to use, and setting reasonable and realistic tasks and deadlines.

If your white label provider cannot be transparent or communicate expectations clearly, you need to drop the project and look elsewhere for superior services. And where better than at 51 Blocks?


2. Reliability and Experience

Ensure that the SEO team you are going to collaborate with is reliable, experienced, and has a reliable audit process, can provide support whenever you need it, and can deliver high-quality services. Talk to a few of the SEO team members and ask for case studies, reports, custom analytics, and success stories.

The information you get from reviewing these resources can help you determine whether you want to get started on a project with your SEO partner or not or if the potential partner produces high-quality or poorly managed work.


Ask the SEO Team about Procedures and Deliverables

During your consultation, ensure that you ask the SEO team about how they conduct SEO campaigns and audit processes and what is involved in those SEO campaigns. Judge your potential partner’s expertise based on the answers they provide above. If their responses match your objectives, proceed with the collaboration. If not, this is the best time to drop the collaborations.

At 51 Blocks, we are used to such questions and with our level of expertise, it always leads to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Lastly, ask the SEO team about their deliverables and whether they offer full services. They should be able to provide a project governance plan, a project scope statement, a work breakdown structure, and a statement of work.

These things are always readily available at 51 Blocks and this explains why we are the best in the industry. Ensure that your agency and the potential SEO team have this common goal: organic traffic growth. The efforts of the SEO team should be aimed at generating organic traffic to your customers’ or clients’ sites.

The testimonials at 51 Blocks will prove just how powerful and game-changing our services can be.

Final Thoughts

SEO is time-consuming because a lot of tracking and research goes into it. The underlying goal of digital agencies, PR, or persons in the creative field is to focus on personal core competencies and social responsibility core competencies, leaving them with little to no time to focus on SEO or engage in efforts aimed at increasing their scalability.

White label SEO agencies are adept in providing high-quality content marketing services and collaborating with one that has skilled SEO Consultants and offers personalized content creation services and solutions that make you stand out from your competitors.


Join The #1 White Label SEO Program Today

As a team, we believe that partnership needs to be proven. For over a decade, we have been refining our SEO skills, building up our experience in digital marketing in over one hundred markets in the United States, tracking trends in SEO, and working on our strategy to ensure that it is effective.

At 51 Blocks, we provide white label SEO services like on-page, off-page, digital marketing, content marketing, and personalized content creation that drive more traffic to clients’ sites and give your brand name more authority.

Additionally, we conduct keyword research to ensure that your site has all the relevant keywords, which will help it rank highly on search engines’ results page and provide support, including Google analytics consulting, whenever you need it. Call us today to increase your ranking and traffic.

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