Why Cutting Back on In-House Employees & Hiring a White Label SEO Company is Cost-Effective While Scaling

With great business comes great expense—scaling your business has a plethora of perks and drawbacks, and then there’s the wildcard: digital marketing. The term alone brings immediate stress and dread, and with it, the summary of how much it’s going to cost you to hire, train, and maintain a proper SEO staff. We’re talking benefits, 401K, and designated workspace and equipment. Your company’s accelerated growth doesn’t have time for that.


What goes up must come down—unless you’re smart. Propelling your company forward doesn’t have to rely on a rug, ready to be pulled out from beneath your feet at a moment’s notice. Your visibility on the digital market is paramount to keeping that revenue stream on the incline, so how do you go about it properly?


Cut back—or if you can help it, don’t even begin the process of assigning in-house employees to focus on SEO. The misconception of proper white label SEO work being teachable through a single Udemy course is damaging; more often than not, a company isn’t aware of just how deep in they are until the budget dries up, and the results don’t reflect a miniscule fraction of the expected outcome. It happens more often than you’d think.


Properly handling white label SEO tactics are more than just crafting catchy metadata and producing stellar content. The industry is constantly evolving; tactics change, strategies switch, and the leader of all internet search engine usage rolls out the doll when you least expect it. The game can change in a flash. While the fundamentals of SEO remain the same, tiny tweaks here and there open up new possibilities and close old doors. Sounds like a lot to keep up on, right?


White label SEO companies have one goal, and one goal only: study, focus on, and adapt to every SEO strategy possible. Proper SEO is crucial to your business, but it’s not what your business does: You’ll be spending less than you would on traditional employees, receiving expert care right from the get go, all while focusing on what matters—your customers, your business, and your company growth. We can’t get time back, so don’t waste it waiting for results that may appear—spend your time on guaranteed results, all without lifting a finger.


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