Green Van Lines


Reducing Cost Per Conversion & Increasing Leads


Strategic Objective

To reduce cost per conversion, increase the number of conversion, improve average position and reduce cost per click.

Initial Insight

When we 1st took over the campaign we had the following statistics:

  • Cost Per Conversions – $271.24
  • Total Conversions over 3 month period – 9
  • Average CTR – 0.22%
  • Average Cost Per Click – $14.03
  • Average Position – 5.2.


There were a number of changes we made to the paid search campaign which included:

  • Regrouping of keywords
  • Removed poor performing keywords
  • Keyword expansion
  • Added negative keywords
  • Geo modification
  • Day of Week modification
  • Mobile device targeting


Overall we believe the results speak for themselves

  • Cost Per Conversions – $87.07
  • Total Conversions in 1 month – 34
  • Average CTR – 0.44% (doubled CTR)
  • Average Cost Per Click – $13.16 (reduced Cost Per Conversion)
  • Average Position – 4.5 (increased average position)


The idea of this case study was simple, by taking strategic avenues and implementing effective PPC tactics, we could potentially reduce Cost Per Conversion and increase leads in Pay Per Click advertising. Many companies find immense value in PPC advertising, but find that it can be one of the most uncertain and wavering in returns. When focusing on several key factors, such as keyword regrouping & expansion, changing match types, geo-modification, day parting, and mobile device targeting, to name a few, we were able to get measurable and effective results in a relatively short amount of time. By reducing the the cost per conversion by 67%, doubling the click-through-rate and increasing total conversion by over 370% in a third of the time, we were able to give Green Van Lines more return for their PPC advertising budget.