Digital Power Hour - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

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In our third episode, we discuss the importance of aligning goals with your white label partners and establishing a base for measuring and analyzing KPIs. Listen here!

As a growing business, making the investment in a long-term SEO strategy with an experienced marketing agency like 51Blocks can be a tough decision. You want to ensure you are making the right decision for your company, and you expect to see the results of your investment. Likewise, if you are a white label agency with a partnership with 51Blocks, your focus will be on using your white label partnership with us to directly benefit your clients. In both of these cases, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will demonstrate the value of investing in a solid SEO strategy.

Most Important KPIs

When looking at the data from your performance report, it may be difficult to figure out which KPIs are the most important for your campaign. Some of the numbers may even seem counterintuitive to the progress and success of your web strategy. That’s why the experts at 51Blocks will help you break down the report and understand which KPIs are the best to focus on and which can be misleading.

Although many people choose to focus on their Google rankings for specific keywords as their main indicator of website performance and sales, a good marketing agency will show you why ranking is not the best KPI to demonstrate success in your campaign. It is not the be-all-end-all for your campaign because it is almost impossible to know for a fact which keywords are being used to find your site. We make educated guesses, but you may be getting a large amount of traffic from a keyword we’re not aware of. And just because you are ranking well for a specific keyword, that does not always lead to conversions.

For example, if you have an informative blog on your site with no specific call to action, you may get lots of traffic to that blog because users are looking for that information. Unfortunately, once they have the information they need, they exit your site without having viewed any more pages or converted. This leads to no actual value for your business.

It can also fluctuate with the seasons. If you are a veterinarian and have a blog post about why a dog gets ticks in the summer rather than a post about how your clinic can provide the assistance dog owners need to keep ticks off of their dogs, you may have lower conversions with higher traffic based on ranking for seasonally targeted keywords. Ranking well looks good but is not the only indicator of success. 

Rather than focus on ranking, at 51Blocks we will show you why conversion rate, leads, page engagement, and organic traffic are the most important KPIs to focus on. Conversion rates lead directly to your sales numbers. These are the users who contact you or fill out the email forms. Traffic, how people find your site, and conversion rates have an odd, sometimes confusing relationship, but our white label agency is here to help you understand your report statistics. Although it may seem counterintuitive, it is sometimes better to have less traffic as long as the traffic you are getting is organic and based on our optimization techniques. Even though your traffic numbers may have decreased, if you have longer dwell times, a lower bounce rate, and more pages per session your conversion numbers will likely be higher. Quality versus quantity is of the utmost importance.

KPIs for White Label Partnerships

When we have a white label partnership with your business, we understand that you want to provide solid marketing deliverables to your clients to ensure their retention with your company. Just like for our own clients, we will share the statistics report with you and show you how your client’s website strategy is progressing. The most important aspect of our partnership in relation to your clients is establishing reasonable goals and expectations for the campaign from the beginning and explaining which KPIs should be emphasized. If you have been discussing ranking as the only KPI to worry about with your client, they will likely obsess over that number and ignore the other statistics which will actually lead to more conversions.

As our white label agency partner, we will happily go through the report statistics and help you figure out how to explain the progress to your clients. We will always back up our campaign strategy with statistical analysis from these reports, so if your client is stuck on a certain number we can help. If, for example, your client is upset about a low page per session number, we can show you how, through our marketing agency’s strategy, we have shortened the path to conversion from 4 pages to 2. While that gives them the lower page per session number, they are also able to see an increase in conversions, a clear value to their SEO campaign. Everything we do is for the benefit of our clients and our white label partners.

How We Use aDash

In order to more easily illustrate the most important data to our clients, our CEO built a dashboard called aDash. It shows the leads that bring traffic to your site and what those leads mean for your overall web campaign. Using the critical KPIs in a month-over-month analysis, we can see which traffic sources and which pages are bringing in the most leads, down to the local level. It also incorporates your sales metrics so that you can see we aren’t making up any numbers and the SEO campaign is paying off. 

Our primary concern is that you look at your report holistically rather than getting stuck on one specific KPI. SEO is a process that takes time, but the increase in organic, naturally growing traffic will lead to more conversions and better value for your company. Looking at everything as a whole will help you and your clients see the value of their campaign.

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