What Happened to the Old Google Places Help Forum?

Now that Google Places Help Forum has found itself a new home, local search experts who were put off by the clumsy older Help platform heave a sigh of relief.


However, there is a little something that mars the celebratory mood. Not only has Google decided to close down the older forum (we are not complaining), but they have also inexplicably decided to remove all the content in the old platform instead of archiving it (we are complaining, loudly!).


But Mike Blumenthal managed to salvage some of the posts and has generously made it available on his website. Here is where you will find some valuable content from the older Places forum [http://places.blumenthals.com/].


This resource is of great value for all local search professionals. Thanks to Mike, we still have access to a lot of information on earlier support issues, updates and bugs. Those who are interested in how the platform slowly evolved will find Mike’s Places link invaluable.


For latest updates and help on Google Places, head over to the new forum page.

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