4 Ways to Develop a Blog Personality

Use Everyday English

Tips to Develop a Blog Personality | 51Blocks | Denver Internet Marketing ServiceUse language that represents who you are! Readers want to engage with content that is understandable, interesting, and relatable, so incorporate how you actually speak into the content you are writing. Create a space where readers want to connect on some level with what they are reading, watching, or in any way engaging with. How? While it’s important to maintain a sense of professionalism, utilize correct grammar, and establish credibility as a writer, users want to know that you are a real person and this can easily be conveyed in the voice you develop through your writing. Whether you are writing about social media marketing techniques or a life event on your personal blog, have a conversation with your reader. Ask questions, establish, and illustrate your point of view while using concise, funny, understandable and to-the-point speech.

Incorporate Emotion

Don’t make your readers read a textbook. What do you want your readers to feel when they read your blogpost? Who is your audience? Once you decide what emotion you are trying to evoke and who it is that you are writing to, the next step is deciding on how to accomplish that goal. Images, bolded text, videos, GIFs, and quotes are all ways to help evoke reader emotion. Show that you are personally involved and invested in what you are writing about. Having a solid idea or opinion encourages readers to get excited about what you are talking about, and allows them to consider you as a valuable resource on what you are talking about.

Structure Your Content

Make your posts easy to read. Create points of focus so that way your eyes can pick a spot to settle down. It’s important to be creative, but it’s necessary to remember that an organized format reflects an organized thought process. You want your readers to be able to understand what you are writing about, so keep your content easy to read and digestible. You might want to use things like bolded font to guide readers who are skimming your content. Break your content into manageable pieces so the brain doesn’t become overwhelmed.  Eating the same meal everyday might get a little boring, right? So, mix up your formatting to keep things interesting and alive. Use what’s available to you! Most blogging platforms allow you to incorporate things like images and videos to grab your reader’s attention, so don’t miss out on great opportunities by not maximizing your blog post’s potential.

Be Consistent

Building a blog personality takes time, but it’s important to consistently incorporate the attributes you are using to engage your reader in every blogpost. To help the identify you as a writer, and as the personality of the blog, you have to be recognizable. Staying consistent with things like, type of speech, image usage, tone, comic relief, and topic make you memorable.  Your readers want to know what to expect. Publish on a regular schedule so you are constantly providing your audience with fresh, entertaining, relevant, and useful information.

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