Improve Schema with 51Blocks JSON Schema Generator

Why JSON Markup?

51blocks-schema-generator-1We all know that schema is a great way to tell search engines more information about your website but implementing it strategically on a website can be very problematic and time consuming. If your site has multiple locations or if you want your address hidden but still provide local information implementing schema can be difficult. The 51Blocks JSON Schema Generator allows you to put any markup on all or selected pages and since it is Javascript it doesn’t show on the page.

Download & Installation

To download the plugin to your WordPress site, follow this link or search “51Blocks” in the “Add Plugins” section of your WordPress. Once you have downloaded the plugin, activate it and it will appear in the main WordPress menu as “Schemas.”

How to Use the 51Blocks Schema Generator2015-06-29_11-04-37

To start using the plugin, click “Schemas” in the left hand navigation then click “Add New.” You can name your schema in the title line and then move to the form to start entering your business data. Once the form is filled, look under “Schema Settings” to select the pages you want the code on or to add the code sitewide.


How to Find Google Map URL and Business Geo-coordinates

To find your business’ Google Map URL simply do a Google search of your business and the city and state it is located in. Click on the map and then click the gear in the bottom left-hand corner and copy the URL in the pop up.

How to Find Business Geo-Coordinates

Navigate to the Google Map for the business you need coordinates. Look in the URL bar of your browser for the “@” symbol and the latitude and longitude are the next two numbers separated by commas.


Adding/Testing JSON Schema Markup

Now that you’ve got your JSON schema loaded in you need to load it to pages and test it. “Schema Settings” on the right-hand side of the page allows you to apply your code to the whole site of selected pages. Once you publish, navigate to the Google Structured Data Tester page to test the code or follow the link under the “How to Use” section. Simply input the URL after clicking “fetch URL.”

Start Ranking in Local Search!

This plugin is great for businesses with multiple locations who only want schema on select pages and for businesses who want schema on their site but don’t want the information to be visible.


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