Title Tag Strategies – Create the Perfect Title Tags

Very simply put, a title tag is the title of your web page. When you are creating a page for your website, it is necessary to create a title tag that is short and simple as it will be viewable by potential visitors and search engines alike. Your page’s title tag will appear in search results and at the top of the browser after a visitor has navigated to your page. In order to turn a skimming reader into a customer, you will need to provide a straightforward title tag accompanied by compelling content. Additionally, search engines will rank your page based on how closely the title tag matches the string of words which are being searched and whether your content adheres to the tag. Therefore, if your title tag is too general, too long or does not match the content on the page, your website traffic and page ranking will suffer.

3 Title Tag Strategies

To assist you with simplifying this task, here are 3 title tag strategies that pinpoint how to create perfect title tags:

  1. Keep the title tag as close in wording as possible to the title of your content. Many companies create title tags that are extremely general in the hopes that their pages will be visited more frequently by using a blanket industry term as the title tag. Yet, it has been found that a consumer will tend to search for a specific topic and click on the link that replicates the initially searched terms, which results in consumer confidence and repeat visits to the website.
  2. The title tag should be 50 characters or less. The general guideline is to stay under 70 characters. However, the title displayed in search results cuts off around 50 characters, so it prudent to keep it concise. A shorter title tag will allow the reader to instantly understand the topic of your page without the confusing “…” interrupting the flow of your title.
  3. Keep your title tag relevant to the content on the page. If your title tag is, “The 5 Best Ways to Stay in Love,” your content should give the reader helpful, numbered tips on how to keep a relationship romantic, not sell vitamin supplements. While that is an extreme example, many websites are guilty of bait and switch practices that ultimately hurt their traffic and rankings.

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Brittany Filori

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